10 Aspects Of Otto Hightower Fans That Still Misunderstand


The hit sequel to game of thronesHBO Dragon House took the world by storm. With dragons, political connivances, and complex morals that force fans to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong, it’s sparked a lot of discussion among casual and die-hard fans alike.

Still, there’s one character that fans have almost universally recognized as a horrible human being. Otto Hightower, the manipulative man who led his daughter into the arms of a grieving king, is absolutely despised. But, there are a lot of things fans still misunderstand about Otto.


A good hand

Although Viserys claims otherwise, Otto turned out to be an incredible hand for two different kings. Having ruled through a succession crisis and for decades, it seems virtually impossible that Westeros hasn’t seen a major war during Otto’s years as Hand. Still, the Six Kingdoms have faced only a few minor skirmishes over the years.

Since Targaryen’s history is littered with battles, it’s certainly the mark of a good King or a good Hand that the kingdom has remained at peace for so long. Considering that Viserys turned out to be a remarkably weak king, Otto certainly turned out to be a strong hand. While his actions with Rhaenyra will certainly lead to war, that doesn’t erase decades of experience as a skilled politician.

an honorable father

Many fans castigated Otto and proclaimed him an awful father who betrayed his daughter by forcing her to become Viserys’ wife. Yet the world of Dragon House bears little resemblance to the modern world. In Westeros, Otto proved to be an amazing father to Alicent.

After all, although it may be an unpopular opinion, Dragon House proves that Otto did his duty. As the second son, his daughter would generally have found a mediocre match. Still, Otto managed to make Alice a queen, and her grandson could be a king. In Westeros, that makes him an amazing man and father.

Wasn’t spying on Rhaenyra

Despite Rhaenyra’s insistence, it certainly doesn’t look like Otto has hired someone to hunt her down in the streets. After all, there were no agents in the castle watching Rhaenyra’s every step. Instead, Otto only received a report of a small bird that was in a brothel.

Since it’s highly unlikely that Rhaenyra is in a brothel, it’s much more likely that Otto took a page out of Littlefinger’s book and used brothels as places to gather intelligence. While Rhaenyra was there, Otto certainly hadn’t expected it.

Was right to name Rhaenyra Heir

Many fans criticized Otto’s decision to plead for Rhaenyra to be named heiress following Aemma’s death, as he would ultimately want his grandsons to take their place on the Iron Throne, and Rhaenyra is now on. the path. Still, Otto was making the right decision.

Obviously, Daemon Targaryen lacks a lot of political ability but often seems interested in seizing power at any cost. A man who kills his wife is certainly a man who could harm King Viserys. If so, after plotting to marry Alicent to Viserys, Otto had to ensure the safety of his daughter and grandsons by removing the Daemon threat. Disinheriting him accomplished this masterfully. Although it caused more trouble later, Rhaenyra was less threatening than Daemon.

Not hypocritical about Daemon

Many fans called Otto a hypocrite for considering Daemon scheming or manipulative. Still, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While Otto is also a second son with ambitions, book readers know that Daemon Targaryen has a lot in common with King Maegor the Cruel.

From a desire for multiple wives to an ambition for overwhelming brutality, Daemon certainly draws many comparisons to the long-dead dictator Targaryen. Otto was right to fear that these parallels could mean Daemon would be a tyrant, and he was right to take him out of the picture.

As good as Lyonel Strong

Above all, Otto is a man who does his duty. Although many fans prefer Lyonel Strong as a hand, due to his unbiased advice, Otto has masterfully done his duty to the kingdom and his house. After all, despite years of intrigue, the kingdom and the Hightowers remained strong under his rule.

Lyonel was perhaps a more trustworthy character than Otto, but that didn’t mean Otto didn’t fulfill his responsibilities as well. In fact, since Lyonel’s own son became the princess’s lover, both hands played the same role as the fathers. The only difference was that Otto had done it intentionally and Lyonel had turned a blind eye to his son’s behavior.

Marrying Alicent to Viserys was good for the kingdom

Many fans claimed that Otto betrayed the kingdom by marrying Alicent with Viserys. After all, the strongest match was with Laena Velaryon. Pushing Alicent in his place weakened the kingdoms and left Viserys vulnerable. However, this is not really the case.

Aside from the fearsome dragons, House Hightower is more powerful than House Targaryen. With more wealth, control over the Maesters, a terrifying army, and influence over the Faith of the Seven, they have everything the Targaryens could want. It’s especially remarkable since the Targaryens spent a century fighting the Faith. Having allies like the Hightowers could help prevent future conflict.

Was wrong about the previous

While many fans – and Otto himself – are pointing to 101 AC’s Grand Council to point out that no woman can sit on the Iron Throne, that in itself is a huge misunderstanding. After all, the Grand Council was not intended to be a binding precedent. It was a singular decision.

If the Grand Council had been made to choose based on established parameters, it could have been a binding law. Instead, it was an election between candidates. The decision was between Rhaenys and Viserys, not between men and women as a whole. Otto is therefore completely wrong to say that the precedent is on his side.

Was right to discuss the heir after Aemma

Due to Viserys’ outburst in the first episode, many fans were quick to argue that Otto was disrespectful when discussing the issue of succession immediately after Aemma’s death. Still, he was absolutely right to worry, because the situation was dire.

After all, with Viserys clearly sick and potentially dying, that would have left only the most evil living Targaryen as heir. Otto had no way of knowing if Viserys would get better. Failure to do so would mean an inevitable war. Raising the question of succession may have been cruel for a friend, but it was essential for a politician.

Rightly worried about Alice’s sons

Aegon and Aemond are all that stops Rhaenyra from taking the Iron Throne. While Otto may be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by poisoning his daughter against Rhaenyra, both boys would likely have to die if the princess is truly to take the Iron Throne.

After all, the people of Westeros are hardly progressive feminists. In an extremely patriarchal society that only recently ruled against Rhaenys, who would have been an excellent queen, it is unlikely that Rhaenyra would be accepted when there were two true Targaryen sons ready for the crown. It may be cynical, but Otto is right to be concerned.

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