10 biggest differences between the book and the James Bond movie


With No time to die now in the rearview mirror, it’s interesting to see how much DNA Daniel Craig’s last ride as James Bond shares with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. While it recalls the iconic Bind film, it also uses much of Ian Fleming’s material that was not used in previous films.

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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is very faithful to the novel of the same name, with the film retaining the narrative structure and emotional climax of the book. That being said, just like the rest of the Bond films, the Peter Hunt film made some pretty peculiar changes.

ten His location

Bond and Tracy walk away from Blofeld's men on the poster for On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

The film was released right after You only live twice, which featured villainous Blofeld, making George Lazenby’s only Bond film a true follow-up to the Sean Connery era. It actually creates some strange continuity issues that weren’t present in the novel.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is Bond’s tenth novel, published just after the controversial The spy who loved me, making this story something of a comeback for Bond. It is also the central chapter in a trilogy of books that tell the story of the 007 war with Blofeld.

9 The reason for Bond’s resignation

Leap into M's office on Her Majesty's Secret Service.

At the start of the novel, Bond had been looking for Blofeld for a while. Bored with the affair, Bond begins to consider resigning from MI6, which sounds somewhat shocking in the novel. It’s a quirk that’s corrected in the movie.

After making a trip to Corsica where he meets Teresa “Tracy” di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg), Bond visits M, who withdraws Bond from the Blofeld affair due to his slowness, so Bond begins to plan his resignation out of spite. . While no resignations occur, Bond’s reasoning in the film seems more justified.

8 Tracy tries to kill herself after meeting Bond

Tracy points a gun at Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Tracy is an incredible Bond Girl, one of the best actually, but her novel counterpart’s arc is much less traditional than her cinematic counterpart. In the novel, Bond meets Tracy while paying off his debts at the Casino Royale, but after sleeping together, Tracy attempts to drown in the sea.

The placement of these events is slightly different in the film as Bond first meets Tracy while preventing her from committing suicide, and then pays his debts at a casino. It feels more like meeting Bond changed Tracy’s life, making their romance even more poignant.

7 Bond never met Bray

George Baker as Sir Hillary Bray in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Sir Hillary Bray, Herald of the London College of Arms, plays a small but vital role in the film. In the novel, however, Bray is not present and never has a conversation with Bond, as he leads a lonely life in Scotland, which allows Bond to disguise himself as Bray to investigate Blofeld an easier job.

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The film features Bray in the flesh, which actually evokes the idea of ​​Bond masquerading as him. In fact, George Baker, the actor who plays Bray, nicknames Lazenby as Bond masquerading as Bray in Piz Gloria.

6 The appearance of Blofeld

Blofeld's appearance in OHMSS and You Only Live Twice.

Telly Savalas’ Blofeld is quite the dog in the quote, but his appearance differs significantly from the source. While the film’s Blofeld is a bald bully with a sophisticated dialect, the novel’s look is more in keeping with Christoph Waltz’s appearance, with the exception of an infected nose and lack of earlobes.

Blofeld’s interpretation of the novel is a master of disguise, which is why this Blofeld is nothing like what he does in Thunder clap, the book in which he made his debut. This version of Blofeld was massive and towering, just like Savalas in the movie.

5 Why doesn’t Blofeld recognize Bond?

Telly Savalas and George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Blofeld had met Bond in You only live twice, which makes the fact that the leader of SPECTER doesn’t immediately notice that his enemy is standing right in front of him is quite peculiar. It’s an oddity that boils down to the placement of the film versus that of the film.

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In the novel, Bond never met Blofeld, this is their first personal encounter. In the following novel, Bond’s vendetta against Blofeld stems from OHMSS, a plot that the creative team behind Diamonds are forever was not interested in the follow-up.

4 Bond is forced to condemn his colleague

James Bond and the Angels of Death in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

During Bond’s trip to Piz Gloria in the novel, a colleague from MI6 is surprised at the scene and immediately recognizes him. Bond chooses to maintain his cover and claims he doesn’t know him, guaranteeing his colleague will die.

This scene is present in the film, but with initially lower stakes, as Bond’s colleague is apparently being escorted off the scene. Granted, it’s later revealed that the coworker was brutally murdered offscreen, but it feels more like a surprise.

3 Tracy is never kidnapped

Tracy and Blofeld in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

In from On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceThe best scenes of, Bond and Tracy escape Blofeld’s henchmen in a perilous ski chase. The scene ends with the movie using a tired trope as Tracy is kidnapped by Blofeld’s men and held captive by Piz Gloria.

Admittedly, this addition to the narrative is much more tension-laden than what happens in the novel. The book sees Bond and Tracy successfully escaping Blofeld’s forces before Bond surrenders to M’s, putting an end to the plot’s momentum.

2 Blofeld and Bunt attend Bond and Tracy’s wedding

Bond gives Tracy a slice of the wedding cake in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Bond and Tracy’s marriage at the end of the story is a brief moment of joy before the tragedy ends. The film focuses on the joy and emotion of the moment, with Q and Moneypenny moments in the scene warming the viewer’s heart before breaking it with the death of Tracy.

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The novel adds a good foreshadowing, as it is mentioned that a strange duo are present at the wedding, who are later revealed to be Blofeld and his sidekick Irma Bunt. Either way, the duo then kill Tracy in a drive-by shootout, ending the story on a sad note.

1 The story received appropriate follow-up

Cover of You Only Live Twice.

George Lazenby is an underrated James Bond because he only had one film and never really proved himself until the abrupt end of his tenure. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was followed by Diamonds are forever, which brought Sean Connery back and had virtually nothing to do with the previous film.

This is not the case with novels, because OHMSS was followed, surprisingly, You only live twice. In it, Bond tracks down Blofeld and Bunt to Japan and brutally murders them both, properly avenging Tracy.

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