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Content warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix show The Sandman.

The recently released Netflix series, The sand man, quickly became a hot topic of discussion among fans and unsurprisingly inspired some to make memes about the show’s characters and events. Based on the award-winning comic book series by Neil Gaiman, the first season wowed fans and critics alike with its accurate portrayal of popular storylines and iconic characters.


From Dream’s need for its tools to the demand for another season, there’s no shortage of memes that perfectly encapsulate the events and reactions to the series. As fans eagerly await news of a potential second season, now is the best time to watch some hilarious memes from the first ten episodes.

Fans Get The Crossover They Didn’t Know They Needed Between The sand man and Philadelphia is always sunny through a mind-blowing meme. The sitcom’s iconic scene shows Dennis off balance and screaming for his tools, much like how Morpheus insists on summoning the Fates to find his tools.

In Dream’s case, the tools are not meant to bind or bind, as his ruby, bar, and sand all contain aspects of himself. Without them, he’s weak and somewhat helpless, which is why he couldn’t get out of Roderick Burgess’ cage in the first place.

Hanging point

A bizarre image of Dream holding a stuffed Stitch toy might just be the start of a new meme format. It’s from the scene where he effortlessly catches a ball and holds it with a slightly annoyed look on his face. The entire episode depicts one of the best scenarios of the Sand seller comics and features death.

The contrast between the two siblings is evident, as while Dream complains of having no purpose after retrieving his tools, Death understands that his purpose is his function. This moment on the bench and the day they spend together are crucial in establishing Dream’s vision and personality.

Jessamy’s work

A popular meme format featuring the characters Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin from Office is used to show Roderick Burgess’ unique relationship with Jessamy, Dream’s raven. It shows Jessamy popping up from behind to shock and disturb Roderick, which, as he himself explains, is a common occurrence that’s been happening for years.

Since Dream is locked in his basement, Jessamy never stops trying to find ways to help his master. When she approaches, however, an unsettling scene occurs thanks to Roderick’s son, Alex, who thinks he’s solving his father’s problem.

An attractive nightmare

The series features the mighty nightmare known as Corinthian, who serves as the main antagonist for the first season. Although he has teeth for his eyes, a humorous meme calls him “a handsome man” who hopefully “isn’t some horrible nightmare who eats eyeballs for breakfast.”

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Corinthian is. He consumes his victims’ eyeballs to see everything they’ve seen and know everything they’ve thought. The well-written character is an unforgettable villain who manages to delay his death at the hands of Dream, if only for a little while.

Jessamy’s fate

She may only have appeared for a few minutes, but it’s easy to feel attached to Jessamy, as Dream’s crow is admirably loyal and brave. The bittersweet meme is a perfect reflection of both Dream and the public reaction to Jessamy’s gruesome death.

The sand ends up playing a part in Dream’s escape, as one of the guards begins to dream of being on a beach. The imaginary location becomes his, and everyone else’s, with Alex receiving a particularly harsh punishment. Jessamy’s death haunts Dream for some time after this, affecting his relationship with Matthew.

Without the suit

Dream’s dramatic statement about needing his sand, bar and ruby ​​is completed by Tony Stark with a line from Spider-Man: Homecoming in a witty meme. This raises an important question about Morpheus’ reliance on his tools, which Lucifer actually criticizes in a scene later in the series.

He may be the Lord of Dreams, but he imparts some of his power to the tools and creations around him. This is why he is forced to uncreate Gregory to muster enough strength to summon the Fates. His three tools hold much of his power, which is why he’s vulnerable without them.

goldie is precious

Goldie doesn’t have to say much to be one of the most likable characters in The sand man, as evidenced by a meme depicting Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz holding the creature. Most fans probably felt the same way about the adorable baby gargoyle, who is now Cain and Abel’s new pet.

The precious creature is no doubt an excuse or replacement for Gregory, who bravely sacrificed himself so that Dream could summon the Three. Comic book readers know that Goldie is the first of many eccentric beings to be introduced in the series, which comes with the magic that is ever present in the dream.

The precision

A meme showing the show’s recognizable characters perfectly captures how comic book fans may have felt watching the TV adaptation. From the precise scene of Dream escaping to the humorous way Matthew inserts himself into each situation, there aren’t many major differences between the show and the Sand seller comics.

The highly anticipated show was a long time coming and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It will hopefully be renewed and continue to depict scenes that seem to have come straight out of the panels of the comic book series.

From dream to nightmare

The world of Sand seller can be both a wonderful and a horrifying place, as a side meme shows the contrast between a magical scene and a terrifying scene. The Dreaming is full of fields, castles and beautiful landscapes that everyone would want to visit.

On the other hand, Dream’s ruby ​​can create a horror storyline when the likes of John Dee get their hands on it. What happens in the restaurant he chooses to visit is unsettling and chilling, not to mention incredibly violent. Both scenes are a great reflection of how dreams and nightmares exist in this world.

Another one

The overwhelmingly positive praise that The sand man received has inspired fans to create memes already demanding a second season. With its brilliant world-building, well-written characters, and comic book fidelity, it impressed and introduced viewers to the amazing story of Dream and its siblings.

Only time will tell if there will be future episodes as entertaining and breathtaking as the first ten. Fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting news on the Netflix show’s future, as there are still plenty of other comic book issues to cover.

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