12 times more searched than e-books, audiobooks dominate literary charts in March


Audiobooks dominated the top of the literary charts in March at the expense of e-books, with figures 12 times higher than digital books, according to internal research by Voxa, Romania’s leading streaming platform for audiobooks and books. electronics.

“Audio is by far the most viewed format on our platform. Voxa users’ preference for audiobooks indicates that time is precious, and most people choose to listen to their favorite books while doing other activities. It is not a surprise. We live in the century of speed and we are used to multitasking and, at the same time, taking advantage of every available moment to do what we love,” said Cătălin Meșter, CEO of Voxa.

March’s top hits are mostly personal development tracks, with the most searched tracks being ‘Think Like a Monk’, ‘The Silent Patient’, ‘The Cafe on the Edge of the World’, ‘Surrounded by Idiots’ and “The courage to be hated”.

Additionally, with the outbreak of the conflict, there has been an increase in access to titles related to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, or Russia. One of the e-books that recently entered Voxa’s portfolio, “We Need to Talk About Putin,” has quickly become one of the most viewed books in digital format. In addition, during this period, other titles directly related to the war were consulted, such as: “Putin’s people: how the KGB took over Russia and then attacked the West”; “Putin’s Trolls: On the Frontline of Russia’s Information War Against the World”; “The Russians are coming!” or “Russian political discourse”.

“We clearly see an appetite for self-help audiobooks among Voxa users. It’s a sign that people want to get ahead, and the books remain a true source that can help you along the way. same time, as is always the case, the current situation changes the direction of attention and interest of people in general. We have noticed how the titles related in one way or another to the conflict in Ukraine have sparked interest in our application,” commented the CEO of Voxa.

Voxa users fall into the 25-45 age bracket and are mostly tech and book enthusiasts. The platform offers tens of thousands of books in e-book and audiobook format, in Romanian and English, with unlimited access, but also in the form of book summaries. Four months after its launch, Voxa has 41,000 users, 15,000 audio books and e-books and 35 partner publishing houses.

The price of a standard Voxa subscription, which includes unlimited access, is 48 lei. The application can be tested free of charge for one week.


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