5 Last Minute Amazon Giveaways Porch Hackers Can’t Steal


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While you can’t wrap them up and put them under the tree, online subscriptions and membership plans are great add-ons to help you get the most out of a new device. Whether someone needs a library of books to read on their Kindle or a library of music to listen to on their new headset, a subscription can enhance another gift in so many ways. While Prime Video may be their most popular, Amazon has more streaming and subscription services that cover content from books and magazines to music and kid-friendly programming. Here are some of our favorite Amazon subscription services that you can gift (or sign up for) right now.

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Whether listening on the go or at home through a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo, Amazon Music Unlimited is a great gift for any music lover in your life. A subscription gives you instant access to over 75 million ad-free songs, plus a huge catalog of podcasts, which you can listen to anywhere. Plus hundreds of playlists curated to help you find the right soundtrack for any setting.

There are a few membership plans available that offer a variety of different benefits. An individual plan will set you back $ 8 / month and allows you to stream music from anywhere on one device at a time. A family plan, which is a bit more expensive at $ 15 / month, upgrades simulcasting to six devices at a time and lets you block specific songs. If you only want to listen at home, there’s the $ 4 / month single device plan, which lets you stream content through a single designated Echo smart speaker or Fire TV.


While some still prefer the feel of a real book in their hands, you can’t lug hundreds of thousands of paperbacks in your back pocket. Kindle Unlimited puts over 2 million digital books and magazines at your fingertips. While Kindle devices, which you can grab for as low as $ 55 right now, are a great way to access your digital library you can also read on your phone, tablet or even your computer. You’ll also get unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks.

You can try Kindle Unlimited for a month before paying, after which it will cost you $ 10 / month. And right now, there’s a deal available to get the first six months for a total of $ 30, cutting the monthly cost in half.

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Although Kindle Unlimited gives you access to many audiobooks, it is still primarily geared towards reading. For those who prefer primarily to listen to their stories, an Audible subscription is the solution. There are two levels of membership, Plus and Premium Plus. Both subscriptions give you instant access to the Plus catalog, which contains a huge selection of audiobooks, podcasts and audible originals. The main difference for Premium Plus membership, besides the price of $ 15 / month, is that each month members get credit to purchase any title from the premium selection for free, regardless of the original cost. . In addition, Premium Plus subscribers get access to exclusive sales as well as 30% off all premium titles. Both subscriptions have a 30-day free trial period, so you can try it out before paying.


For those with kids, Amazon Kids Plus is the first and last subscription you’ll ever need. Starting at $ 3 / month for Prime members, a membership gives kids access to a whole world of age-appropriate content. There are over 20,000 books, games, movies, shows, apps and more designed to entertain toddlers throughout their education. It also gives parents full control over what their child will and will not be able to access with age and content filters. They can also impose screen time limits and set educational goals that will block entertainment content until other work is completed.

There are two membership plans available, both of which offer a one-month free trial to get started. The One Child package, as the name suggests, grants unlimited access for one child and costs $ 3 / month for Prime members ($ 5 / month for non-members). The family plan increases this unlimited access for up to four children and costs $ 7 / month for Prime members ($ 10 / month for non-members).


Amazon Key is a great system for ensuring that your packages are not susceptible to pesky “porch hackers”. This system allows Amazon delivery drivers to leave packages safely inside your garage rather than outside where anyone could easily pick them up if you are away from home. To do this you will need a myQ smart garage opener, which lets you open and close your garage from anywhere using your phone, and will also give Amazon drivers one-stop access to leave your packages inside. They are easy to install and will only cost you $ 20 at the moment. A cost that will pay for itself, as your first delivery to the garage will earn you $ 30 in Amazon credit when you redeem the code KEY30 at the register.


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