A former boarder writes a book on the joys and struggles of “daddy”


Former resident Rob Alvey with his recently published book, “The Rulebook for a Perfect Daddyhood”

Raising children is one of the most difficult things, but also one of the greatest things a parent can do. Robert Alvey, a former Garden City resident, took on this challenge head-on by raising three girls in the village with his wife, Suzie. Over the years, Alvey has compiled a list of short stories of the trials, tribulations and tender times of “daddy”. He recently compiled these stories together and made a book out of them. “The rulebook for a perfect daddy.”

“The book is basically a bunch of short stories about how we raised our three daughters, Alexis, Erin, and KC, here in the Village,” said Alvey, who now resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “It’s kind of a guide or rulebook that men can refer to when things don’t go as planned or go a little bit out of order when raising their children.”

Alvey said he started writing little stories in the early 1990s about everything fatherhood involved, including taking his daughters to soccer practice and throwing birthday parties for them and trying not to not embarrass them in front of their friends.

“All the episodes are true and some of them are very funny in nature. There are certainly some fond memories in there that still make me smile, like our phenomenal trips every year to a park in the Catskill Mountains, where the girls spent time camping, hiking and on the lake.

He added that before publishing the book, he was concerned about embarrassing his daughters because of what he believed to be unwanted attention to them.

“The opposite turned out to be true and my daughters were the first to encourage me to collect all of these stories that I have compiled over the years and make a book out of them. “

Alvey a former geologist with the Superfund division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said it was the second book he’s written after posting a humorous and personal account of his time as Mark Twain character in various locations.

“In 2019, I published my first book titled “Catching Twainite Syndrome,” about my many years emulating the character of Mark Twain in theaters across the country. I also detail my meetings and time spent with other Twain impersonators. The book was really meant to keep Mark Twain’s legacy alive. “

As well as being an accomplished author, Alvey is also a strong advocate for the environment. He played a role in the village he helped form the Garden City Environmental Advisory Board, and he was the founder of the Garden City Bird Sanctuary in 1990.

“I was working for the Nassau County Public Works Department at the time, and saw this sump area covered in trash and knew something had to be done,” Alvey said. “I had the idea to clean up the area and open it to the public. This is how the bird sanctuary was born.

He said his time spent working for the EPA and his environmental activism in the village prompted his three daughters to fall in love with gardening and trees and eventually pursue a career in environmental science.

Alvey is writing his third book titled “Becoming A Floridiot,” which is a collection of short stories and essays about his time living in the Sunshine State.

“The Perfect Dad Rulebook” can be found in eBook and audiobook format at barnesandnoble.com.


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