A YA interplanetary journey of gifted and troubled teenagers into hostile worlds


The shadows we make

Jo Allen Ash


The Shadows We Make is action-packed and cleverly crafted…a high-stakes adventure with thoughtful world-building and strong emotional themes.

—KC Finn, reader favorite

UNITED STATES, Sept. 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — An author of many genres makes her debut targeting young adult audiences with Jo Allen Ash’s THE SHADOWS WE MAKE — a dystopian tale filled with bravery, magic and binding power of friendship. Driven by tropes of engaging in an unknown world and healing from past issues, an unlikely group of teenagers must learn not just to trust themselves, but to trust themselves and the gifts they must embrace. . Told in first person from three different viewpoints, the journey through this dark alien world is fast, unexpected and thrilling when seen through different eyes.

The story follows sixteen-year-old Grace Irese, a desert warrior with a chip on her shoulder, and Duncan Oaks, a teenage member of the Grif-Drif Con-Artist Guild. After struggling with their emotions, the two teenagers find themselves kicked off their planet, supposed to be serving life sentences in an off-world juvenile facility. But Grace has unfinished business on her home planet, and Duncan must return to save his younger sister, who is in imminent danger.

Together, the teenagers come to terms with the many mistakes they have made and plot together to escape the facility, but the alien world they face is more terrible and dangerous than they could have ever imagined. Through their alternate points of view, readers not only experience the many shocks of these characters’ journey, but they can also see how each character charmingly struggles with their own worth, regrets, and how they open up to trust. and friendship.

Not only will readers experience these emotional shifts with the characters, they’ll discover alongside the teens that there’s more to this terrifying alien world than Grace and Duncan noted on the surface – including magical abilities, than Grace can even house in itself. .

Jo Allen Ash, the pen name of author Robin Maderich, has created a complex and captivating world of monsters, dangers, powers and struggles for which, perhaps, only these characters could be prepared. With difficult pasts involving addiction, loss, resounding despair, and unexpected magic, it’s heartwarming to see this cast of characters open up to each other and lean into their unexpected friendship during their darkest times. But until the last page, Grace, Duncan and company will wonder if they will succeed in their escape – or if their journey will change them all forever.

While THE SHADOWS WE MAKE works as a stand-alone novel, the next book in the planned series is titled The Thrice-Gifted Child and continues where THE SHADOWS WE MAKE leaves off, with the same cast of characters, and more. Fans of the first volume will be eagerly awaiting the second.

The book has already garnered praise:

“An excellent young adult novel…compelling…engrossing,” says OnLineBookClub.org.

BookLife writes, “a beautifully crafted SF dystopia with relatable characters and a deft plot.”

“The Shadows We Make is action-packed and cleverly crafted…a high-stakes adventure with thoughtful world-building and strong emotional themes,” says KC Finn, Readers Favorite.

THE SHADOWS WE MAKE is available now on Amazon, other online retailers and in physical stores.

In her writing career, Robin Maderich has been both mainstream and self-published. His books have been published by former Warner Books and Kensington, as well as independent companies under his own name and several pseudonyms. Her historical Once and Always (written as Alyssa Deane), has been translated and sold in Russia, Denmark, France and Germany. She self-publishes the Connor Falls Christmas series under the name Robin Maderich.

Ms. Maderich has always wanted to return to writing for the young adult and intermediate reader. Perhaps that’s why The Shadows We Make, written as Jo Allen Ash and her debut as a young adult author, is the accomplishment she’s most excited about.

The next book in the planned series is The Thrice-Gifted Child, which will be released in January 2023. Visit https://robinmaderichpublishing.com/robin-maderich.

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