Acutrack Announces Integration with Etsy to Make Seller-Buyer Work Smoothly


Acutrack, a leading book delivery service, is pleased to announce integration with Etsy, an e-commerce service provider trusted by over 100 million users.

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA, USA, Jan. 27, 2022 / — Acutrack, a leading book fulfillment service that provides both printing and logistics, is pleased to announce its integration with Etsy, an e-commerce service provider trusted by over 100 million users. A hugely successful network of independent sellers, 87% of Etsy store owners are women who make, collect, and curate their products, as well as manage their orders and inventory.

Acutrack has built an integration with ETSY using the REST API. This allows Acutrack to communicate with the merchant’s ETSY account and seamlessly automate the fulfillment process. According to Mr. Raj Barman, CEO of Acutrack, “This partnership streamlines all processes throughout an Etsy seller’s supply chain, from order fulfillment to inventory management.”

After ETSY integration with Acutrack is complete, when a buyer makes a purchase from an Etsy shop, the order will automatically be notified to Acutrack’s system. You can log in to the portal and view orders.

Upon receipt of shipping notification, the Acutrack team will pick, pack and ship your order. Once the order has been shipped, the tracking number will be sent instantly to the Etsy shop.

An online dashboard and a dedicated customer support team provided by Acutrack ensure full end-to-end tracking of every order. In addition to global fulfillment, merchants on Etsy will have access to easy inventory tracking through this integration.

The Acutrack advantage:

Integration with Acutrack makes life easier and smoother for a seller on Etsy. From the moment the order is placed until the moment the product is delivered, the seller has full control without having to put in any extra effort.
If the seller wishes, they can choose to add printed brochures, a thank you card, or a surprise addition to the order, increasing personalization and adding to the customer’s delight with Acutrack Service Kitting and Assembling offerings.

Acutrack can print them and compile them into pre-sorted kits that can then be easily assembled, custom-packaged, and then shipped. If the order is high priority, Acutrack can deliver it within 24 hours.

Acutrack is the perfect book printing service and print-on-demand partner for anyone who wants to work directly with their customers.

Acutrack’s technology platform is integrated with multiple e-commerce platforms to provide a seamless printing and shipping experience. Each order received is automated and provides the seller with full tracking and shipping information on their respective e-commerce platforms.

Another competitive advantage that Acutrack brings to the table is that when printing and delivering, Acutrack allows their customers to manage everything from an easy to use and understand dashboard.

This ensures that every Acutrack customer knows who their customers are, their order history, and where they are. They have a full customer profile ready and available. This invaluable data is a treasure trove of insights that can be used to understand where their businesses need to grow and what gaps they need to fill to take their businesses to the next level. Another key result of owning customer data is that upselling becomes much easier, in addition to giving the customer full control of their revenue.

With several state-of-the-art book production and fulfillment departments, Acutrack delivers worldwide. Acutrack provides end-to-end order tracking as well as an online dashboard for 24/7 reporting.

Apart from this, Acutrack also provides additional services such as automated inventory alerts and a dedicated and experienced customer support team. Acutrack’s presence on the coasts of the United States and Europe reduces high-area, high-cost shipments.

Acutrack’s presence on US and European shores reduces shipping costs for Etsy merchants. This also ensures prompt delivery of all orders and a 24-hour processing time for priority shipments.

Integration with Acutrack means your business logistics are taken care of hassle-free. “Letting the specialists do their job means you free up your precious resources to focus on more important things like sales growth and business expansion,” summarizes Poornima Rajkumar, Chief Marketing Officer, Acutrack.

Adopting the latest technology – Acutrack upgrade over time

The benefits of partnering with Acutrack are many, but one of the most important features is its ability to keep up with the changing times. Acutrack proactively embraces new technologies and the resulting upgrade. Acutrack’s manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. A wide range of book binding sizes and binding options with advanced printing technology that works fast, producing the best books possible.

To keep pace with modern mechanization, Acutrack constantly invests in the latest equipment, so that today it has printing machinery combined with adequate pre-press and post-press operations. As part of a recent addition, the company acquired and installed a state-of-the-art printing machine for better product output for its customers.

This has allowed Acutrack to become a truly impressive book printing and fulfillment facility! It’s all about printing with offset-quality printing and automated binding of various types, resulting in the highest quality printed books and perfect bindings, from hardback to saddle-stitched. Necessary for on-demand printing, this configuration allows the highest quality short runs to be printed on the same budget as large runs.

Acutrack strives to partner with platforms that can leverage Acutrack’s expertise, helping the end user achieve more. Etsy’s partnership with Acutrack offers artists, creators, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to scale and grow, the flexibility to focus on their agenda and leave the rest to the people who understand the craft of fulfillment.

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