After Punjab, Congress to adopt “one family, one ticket” formula for Uttarakhand Assembly ballots


After the Punjab, the Congressional High Command also decided to follow the formula “one family, one ticket” for the Uttarakhand Assembly ballots. According to sources, the AICC selection committee made the decision on the instructions of party leader Rahul Gandhi.

The move was a blow to some leaders who were watching the state polls with high hopes and asked the party’s selection committee for tickets to put their children in the fray. Notably, these leaders include Congress veteran Harish Rawat and Pritam Singh.

The chairman of the AICC selection committee for Uttrakhand, Avinash Pandey, told ANI that “the party has decided to give a ticket to only one family. The list of likely candidates will be sent to the electoral commission. central for the final selection, “he said. , Pandey said there is a “special case” window, in which more tickets have been given to a family provided there is a high probability of winning the election. “But, that will be decided only by the CEC,” he said.

He added that at present, the only exception being considered is that of Yashpal Arya and his son Sanjiv, both of whom recently joined the ranks of Congress after resigning from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). “The party is keen to give the father-son duo a chance as they sit as MPs,” Pandey said.

Previously, State President Ganesh Gondiyal advocated giving more tickets to a family, which Kishor Upadhyay, close to the Gandhi family and former president of the state, openly opposed, and said: “Dynastic policy harms the feelings of the workers.” The son and daughter of Uttarakhand’s campaign committee chief Harish Rawat are asking the selection committee for tickets to fight the polls.

The leader of the Legislative Party of Congress, Pritam Singh, is also seeking a ticket for his son Abhishek. The incumbent chairman of the CCP, Ranjit Rawat, is also looking for a ticket for his son. Due to the death of Indira Hridayesh, her son Sumit will get a ticket.

The last meeting of the screening committee was called on January 11 to discuss the list of candidates. After the meeting, the selection committee will submit the list to the party’s Central Election Commission for the final selection of candidates. The Congressional Central Election Commission meeting is expected to be called Wednesday for Uttrakhand.

Voting for the assembly of 70 member states will take place on February 14, and the count will take place on March 10. (ANI)

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