‘Aladdin’ ticket holders are upset that the show will not continue due to COVID


TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan – Broadway is back, but only sort of.

Many potential angry audience members from the Disney show “Aladdin” showed up with tickets in hand for the Saturday night performance, but were turned away.

“They should have told us. We could have made a reservation elsewhere, ”said Glen Pyatt, a disappointed theater-goer at PIX11. “Now we are stuck with no show,” he added.

Pyatt and his wife Meet, of Bay Shore, were planning to spend an evening on the town; fancy dinner at Carmine’s and $ 130 tickets to “Aladdin,” not knowing the Disney show was closed again on Friday due to COVID.

The show won’t reopen until October 12 at the earliest.

“Who doesn’t send a notification that the show is canceled?” Meet Pyatt, Glen’s wife, asked in frustration.

“Aladdin” was initially closed for 18 months, along with the rest of Broadway, due to the pandemic.

The show reopened last Tuesday, only to go off again a day later due to groundbreaking COVID cases among the cast and crew.

After trying again Thursday night, the second cancellation in a week came on Friday night.

Among those disappointed on Saturday night was a group of Egyptian tourists.

“We came from our country and we are here,” said Shereen El Masry. “It was an opportunity to see a Broadway show with dazzling dancers and now nothing,” she added.

In addition, the Broadway League announced Friday that the 41 Broadway theaters will continue to require vaccinations for members of the public, as well as performers, crew and theater staff, for all performances until the end of 2021.

Masks will also still be required for all members of the public inside, unless they are eating or drinking.

This news extends the previous rules, which originally only had security measures in place until October.

“We know that with these policies in place until the end of the year, we will continue to help our audiences feel safe and give them the thrill of Broadway night after night,” said the president of the Broadway League in a statement.

“Absolutely. Safety first,” said Janice Fleming, a theater enthusiast from Plainfield, New Jersey. “I’m a nurse. It is necessary, it is responsible. I’m all for it, ”she said.

Several Broadway shows have reopened so far, most without incident, including “The Lion King”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Hamilton”.

By curtain time, the lines were long, with numerous signs instructing spectators to prepare their proof of vaccination and photo ID.

An “Aladdin” lover said that even if he was disappointed, he would come back to see his favorite show.

“Obviously, there’s nothing great about it,” Alex Rubino said outside the theater on Saturday. “I just hope the cast and crew are okay. But I hope to see the flying carpet fly another day,” he added.


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