Amarillo Public Library receives grant to purchase more interactive books for readers


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — The Amarillo Public Library has received a grant that will be used to purchase more interactive books.

A press release from the Amarillo Public Library says the money came from the Texas Book Festival Collections Enhancement Grant.

“We applaud the work you do to help foster a love of reading in your community and to best serve your library patrons with books that meet their needs and interests,” said Michelle Hernandez, coordinator of school and community programs for the Texas Book Festival.

The library will purchase interactive books that will allow readers to read the story and turn the pages as usual, but they can also follow along with an audiobook or go into learning mode to challenge themselves.

“Audiobooks are a great tool for teaching kids to love literature. Interactive titles take that tool and put it into a physical book with pages to turn and sentences to read. Kids experience a level of learning deeper because more senses are involved in the reading process,” said Melody Boren, youth services coordinator at the Amarillo Public Library.

Boren said interactive books are popular and is grateful for the opportunity to increase his book collection.

She said interactive books make it easier for children to read and re-read their favorite stories, which improves children’s learning.

“Studies show that proofreading helps children become better readers by strengthening vocabulary and improving comprehension,” Boren said. “These interactive books allow children to read and listen to a book as many times as they want, and parents and children love them. We can’t keep them on the shelf.


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