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As an avid reader, I’ve always been averse to Kindles, iPads, and other electronic reading devices. Although I much prefer to physically hold a book in my hand, it’s not really practical to pack a 5-pound “Harry Potter” book in your purse – even less convenient to do so while driving. across the country with limited space in your car – that’s how I got hooked Amazon’s Audible App.

Audible is a monthly subscription app with over 200,000 audiobooks, podcasts, sleep tracks, guided meditations, original stories and more. Subscriptions start at just $ 8 per month, giving the subscriber access to all titles in the Plus catalog. I am currently paying $ 15 per month for my Premium Plus subscription, which allows me to use one credit per month for a Premium Selection title (like novelties and bestsellers), as well as the thousands of free books in the Plus catalog. Avid readers can spend up to $ 230 per year for 24 credits, or about two premium books per month.

At first I thought Audible’s credit system might be confusing, but it’s actually my favorite feature of the app. One credit always equals one book download, which means I could download the “A promised land“(which cost almost $ 50 in a bookstore) for the same price as my niece’s”The BFG(which costs around $ 5 at a bookstore) Audiobooks are yours once downloaded, so you can listen to them over and over again in your virtual library – and your monthly credits are renewed for up to one year.

I first discovered the Audible app when I moved from Boston to Los Angeles five years ago. The 6 hour plane rides were pretty monotonous and I tried to pack lightly with just carry-on baggage which meant no extra pounds. Categories I had previously struggled to read – like autobiographies, non-fiction titles, and historical fictions – were suddenly much more interesting thanks to the voice actors reading them. I’m a fast reader, which means I can end up going through half a book, but Audible has allowed me to really slow down and digest the stories.

I started listening to Audible on my morning commute to work, walking my dog, and exercising, but I really discovered its value while driving across the country. Three years ago my fiance and I took a week to cross the country from Los Angeles to Boston with our dog, who is a very nervous traveler. She’s so nervous that you can’t even listen to music in the car without disturbing her. Audible, however, seemed to relax her and let us divert from the 3,000 mile route. We listened to three “Harry Potter” books on this player – and found the animated voice to be more entertaining than any movie.

Recently my fiance and I decided to move to Austin which meant another long drive from the east coast. For the 3-day trek, it seemed fair to download that of his compatriot Austine Matthew McConaughey “Green light“memory. The book was read by the actor, so it felt like we got our own personal reading along the way. The Bedtime Stories feature, read by actors like Nick Jonas, and the Sleep 101 meditations gave us also helped us fall asleep at noisy hotels we stayed in along the way.If our puppy was feeling particularly anxious, we would play audible soundscapes, like a waterfall or sounds of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re not quite ready to switch to physical books, I understand. I would suggest Sign up for Audible’s free 30-day trial to see what all the hype is about. You will receive the entire Plus catalog, as well as a Premium credit (two for Amazon Prime Members) to listen to next month. Amazon also sends you an email before your trial ends, so you won’t be blinded by fees if you forget to cancel your free trial – however, something tells me you might subscribe right after, like I did it.

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