Audible offers four months at half price with new Black Friday deal


Audible is the popular audiobook streaming service provided by Amazon and an absolute must-have for book lovers who struggle to find the time to read.

They just launched a new deal to save you money before Black Friday now you can get Audible at half price for the first four months.

By dropping down to just £ 3.99 per month, you can really tell if it’s right for you.

The subscription gives you one credit per month, which you can redeem for any audiobook you choose.

One feature I particularly like is the fact that you can flip a book.

This often happens, you get a few chapters and find that you actually have no interest in finishing what you are reading.

With clothes and bad food in restaurants, there is no hesitation in sending it back, but with books it might seem odd.

With Audible That’s okay, if a book isn’t right for you, you can take it back (as long as you do so within 365 days of purchase).

There are thousands of options, with content exclusive to Amazon that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can download your books for uninterrupted streaming from anywhere, whether you have a signal or wifi.

With Audible you also get unlimited access to the Plus catalog which offers thousands of titles without needing to use a credit.

The Plus catalog has all those classic novels that you vaguely remember from school and feel like you had to read but haven’t read yet.

You can synchronize Audible with your Light up or any device linked to your Amazon account (including your Echo point Where Alexa ).

Act quickly to take advantage of the offer while you can get the first four months at half price here.


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