Authorities warn of fake red light camera ticket scam – NBC 6 South Florida


Authorities in South Florida are warning residents of a new scam that has drivers receiving fake red light tickets in the mail.

On Wednesday, Doral police officials warned residents about the new scam.

According to police, the scammers appear to be taking photos of people’s vehicles outside their homes.

The scammers alter the photo to show only the license plate, which they include in the fake ticket.

The tickets look like standard red light tickets with “FINAL NOTICE” in large bold print and threats of “LICENSE SUSPENDED” in red lettering, and direct drivers to a website to pay their fine, police said.

Doral police officials said a website on a ticket appeared to be inactive, but a digital screenshot from earlier showed a payment center and options.

“Please be sure to review the post carefully, there are several inconsistencies that can be found,” the department tweeted.


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