Boba Fett’s book just gave the bounty hunter his own Jedi moment


The final episode of Boba Fett’s book gave the seasoned bounty hunter his own epic Jedi moment as he continued his rebirth on Tatooine.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Star Wars: Boba Fett’s Book “Chapter 2: The Tribes of Tatooine,” streaming now on Disney +.

In Star Wars, the Jedi trials were crucial in the knights’ journey to become masters. They have been a part of so many movies, animated series, novels, video games, and comics, testing Force carriers whether they are meant for the Light Side or the Dark Side. The last episode of Boba Fett’s book was inspired by this to give the bounty hunter his own epic Jedi moment as he continued his rebirth.

The trials are multi-faceted; the Trial of Skill and the Trial of Courage are very important, with people like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano just passing according to their talent in the field. The test of the flesh relates to sacrifice, with Anakin and Luke Skywalker losing their limbs seen as dedication to the Order, with the test of spirit and test of insight being more related to the mental state of the individual.

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Luke Skywalker fights Darth Vader's ghost on Dagobah

The latter two have been linked to Anakin, who discovered his dark reflection on Mortis; Luke, as seen when he fought Darth Vader’s Specter in Dagobah Swamp; Rey when she saw the darkness inside and a lack of identity in the Ahch-To Mirror Cave; and finally, with Ben Solo as he has felt the lure of corruption his entire life because of Snoke and Palpatine. They were grappling with fear, hate, anger and sadness, with abandonment being something they had to fight in order to chart a course forward.

Fett also had his own moment, shattering fate and confronting his own sinful past on the sandy Tatooine terrain. It’s shocking because he’s not a Jedi, just a marksman, but it spoke to him a lot about redeeming himself and aiming for some sort of hero. This happened after he helped bring down the Pyke Syndicate train, showing them mercy. He brokered a deal for the Tuskens, and after becoming a member of the tribe, a lizard jumped in his nose in a spooky ritual.

It was meant to “guide” him, leading Fett to a tree in the ocean that began to wrap its branches around him as if he was sentient. There, the past, present and future collided as Fett, flanked by red eyes, saw waves crashing over Kamino, his life as a child soldier, Jango’s death by Mace Windu and how he became addicted to revenge and murder.

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As he screamed, the grim images of him crawling out of the Sarlaac, and the lightning and shadows reflecting his helmet hinted that Boba Fett needed to exorcise his own darkness – or let the man give in to the monster. inside. He had already passed the physical test, but it was the brain test that would determine his ultimate fate, strongly resembling the Jedi and designed to test the hero within. It’s clear that a well of anger lingered, but Fett fought his conception, embracing the gain of the Light and fueled by hope and optimism with his new family.

boba fett ritual book episode 2

This resulted in his desire to prevent greater atrocities in the future, insisting on getting rid of the helmet in favor of love. Impressive, as they faced off against all their demons – while Ben and Ani didn’t win – Fett resonates a lot because he has that sense of triumph that Luke and Rey gave off. it continued Boba Fett’s bookcycle of questioning oneself over generations, deepening the understanding of the myth and binding the characters together in unexpected ways, whether or not they are Force-sensitive.

And so, when Fett returned to the tribe and to his new home, he was healed, hinting why years later he didn’t want to wear the helmet all the time as the daimyo of Mos Espas. It’s a terrifying and poignant reflection, which is interesting because for years the minds of fans have guessed its true meaning and who was under the helmet. But like the Jedi, Boba Fett erased the lack of belonging and accepted an emotional dependence on family, which provided a bigger, more endearing purpose.

To see the Bounty Hunter experience an epic Jedi moment, The Book of Boba Fett is now available on Disney + with new episodes every Wednesday.

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