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Browns ticket prices skyrocket in the secondary market


Just four years ago, when the Browns made history from 0 to 16, tickets on Stubhub.com and other secondary markets for home games at FirstEnergy Stadium were selling for as little as $ 6.

Much has changed since then.

According to research by Jesse Lawrence of ticketiq.com, prices for Browns tickets in the secondary market have increased 166% since 2019, with an average price of $ 515. Note that it is not Haslams fans who are cheating; this is what places like Seatgeek, Stubhub and their ilk can get for tickets to the Browns when they buy them at face value or the fans sell to different companies for a profit.

The secondary market is legalized scalping. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive tickets resold are for Las Vegas Raiders home games at an average cost of $ 1,652, according to Ticketiq.com. 2020 was the first year the Raiders played in Las Vegas, but fans were not allowed inside Allegiant Stadium due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. There are no restrictions this year.

The research concluded that the prices of the Browns’ side tickets have increased 270% since 2015. Only the Raiders and Buccaneers have experienced a higher rate of inflation over the same six-year period.

Tickets for the Browns’ home game against the Steelers on Halloween are the most expensive, with the cheapest seats costing $ 210. The cheapest tickets – for now – are $ 70 for the home game against the Bengals on January 9, but demand could push them up if the game is critical to the Browns’ playoff chances.

The history of ticketiq.com does not name the secondary ticket sites it investigated.

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