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WNY author, newspaper columnist and radio commentator, Christina abt, encountered a number of obstacles in the publication of his new book, Money or love, internet dating on the other side of 40. The first was trying to find a way to bring people together for a book launch and presentation in September 2020, during COVID.

In the midst of this planning, she received and accepted a proposal from a literary agent to purchase her manuscript from major New York publishers. After six months without offers, she decided to take her book back and publish it in October, more than a year after its original date.

His plan was to promote the book’s launch and sales on his social media networks. Then her Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked and she lost over 2,500 followers. That’s when Abt decided Money or love deserved something more than a regular book launch.

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“After more than a year of publication delay due to so many unusual circumstances, I decided to do something different and fun for the book’s launch,” said Abt. “Considering that the story of the novel is about internet dating, I thought why not play The Dating Game as part of the evening’s entertainment. “

The process for The Dating Game begins with a registration form on the Abt website (christinaabt.com) where any male over 21 and single wishing to play can submit their name. A panel will choose three candidates and on launch night, Abt will be on one side of a screen and three gentlemen will be on the other. A few questions and answers later, the local author will blindly choose one of the three as the date for his lunch. It’s a process she notes as well planned, but certainly nerve-racking.

“I admit I was nervous about doing this, but the general response from the women and men has been favorable, all eagerly awaiting the hilarity that is sure to come,” said Abt. “Plus, the dating game is just one of the fun things I did with this book. There was a social media coverage contest where voters chose their favorite color. Green won, but I decided to release all four colors anyway. Additionally, I just finished a “Share Your Love Story” social media contest where people submitted their love stories and voters from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico and 26 US states weighed in and picked the winner. The prize was a gift certificate from Ristorante Lombardo, which is featured in the book. Importantly, $ 1 of each book sold will be donated to Mission of Mercy of Saint Luke, also featured in the book.

Money or love, Internet dating on the other side of 40, is a light-hearted story set in Buffalo and filled with references to characters, foods, and places that celebrate the Queen City and its people. The novel takes place between Halloween and Valentine’s Day and reflects the challenges of the internet dating the other side of 40, and the rewards of finding love at any age.

The Money or love The launch will take place at Community Beer Works on Thursday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m. ET. Tickets, which include a signed copy of Money or love, appetizers, aperitif and dessert with coffee and tea, on sale at christinaabt.com. Tickets are also available for the launch only, as well as a live broadcast of the event.




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