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There may be times when you need to cancel or change your flight reservation with airlines due to unavoidable circumstances. For this kind of situation, Lufthansa Airlines is always ready to help and assist. Lufthansa’s flight change policy makes the flight change process easier and outlines all the important points a passenger needs to keep in mind when changing flights.

How do I change flights at Lufthansa?

You have two ways to change the flight date, destination and passenger name in Lufthansa. Both methods are easy and straightforward to implement. Choose one of the ways as per your convenience to make the desired changes to your scheduled tickets.

Change Lufthansa flight online

Changing your flight date, destination and passenger name via online mode is a great way to save money on service costs. The online method gives you the flexibility to make changes to your scheduled ticket while staying at home. Implement the following steps to make changes to your scheduled flight using online methods:

Choose a suitable mode (official site or mobile application).

Complete the account authentication process using the account login information.

Tap the Manage Booking tab.

Fill in the required field mentioning the confirmation code and the passenger’s name.

Make the desired changes to your scheduled ticket.

Check the changes and submit the Lufthansa flight change form by pressing the confirmation tab.

Pay the Lufthansa change fee by debit card, credit card or e-wallet.

Once payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email id.

Lufthansa Change flight offline

To make the desired changes to your planned ticket via the offline modes, you must contact the managers via the or visit the nearest Lufthansa center. Customer service representatives are available to assist you with the change process. To do this, you just need to implement the following steps:

Select the mode according to your wishes (Lufthansa flight change phone number or airport center).

Share all the details required to complete the Lufthansa flight change form.

The officer will review the form and verify your eligibility.

Pay the service charge, change fee, and the difference amount (if ticket type or cabin is upgraded).

Once the payment process is complete, the airline will send a confirmation email to your registered email address with the new e-ticket.

Rules for changing a flight on Lufthansa

Passengers who have booked flights with Lufthansa should be made aware of the airline’s flight change policies, as this might be necessary during the flight change phase. Read on to understand every aspect of Lufthansa’s flight change policy in layman’s terms:

Passengers who change their scheduled flight within 24 hours of booking will not be required to pay the Lufthansa change fee.

In accordance with Lufthansa’s flight change policy, a passenger can make a free change on their scheduled flight if the travel dates are no later than May 31, 2021.

The airline will not process change requests if the check-in process has already been completed by the passenger.

Passengers can change their booked tickets free of charge if the airline changes the flight departure date.

Lufthansa’s flight change policy states that flight change requests made outside of allocated channels are not available for changes, even if the passenger has a refundable fare ticket.

To request a Lufthansa flight change, the passenger must have a legitimate ticket obtained through official channels.

The airline will forfeit the ticket price if the change request is made within 30 minutes of flight departure.

In accordance with Lufthansa’s flight change policy, a passenger with a non-refundable ticket must make changes to their scheduled flight during the risk-free period. Then the airline will charge the full price of the ticket as a Lufthansa change fee.

Change of Lufthansa flight on the same day:

Passengers can enjoy and benefit from the Lufthansa flight change service the same day, they can make changes and modifications to their flight booking on the original flight date and these changes must be made within one hour of the flight initially planned. A smart passenger will always use this same day flight change service from Lufthansa Airlines if they need to make any changes to their flight booking.

The new flight chosen by the passenger must travel on the same itinerary and between the same airports as on the original flight reservation.

Once a passenger has completed the check-in process through one of the available modes (online or offline), they cannot choose an earlier flight change service.

Lufthansa Airline Same Day Flight Change Service is not available with any of the long-haul flights / routes and each passenger must pay the applicable change fee and the amount of the difference in flight fares (the if applicable) according to the terms and conditions of Lufthansa airlines.

Passengers who change their booked flights after 24 hours of booking must pay a fee to Lufthansa as a change fee. Read on to learn more about Lufthansa’s change fee structure:

Passengers who change their tickets outside the risk-free period must pay 50 EUR / 70 CHF / 60 USD as a Lufthansa change fee.

When passengers upgrade their seats, they have to pay the price difference as well as the Lufthansa change fee depending on the fare types.

Passengers will be charged € 150 / CHF 220 as a Lufthansa change fee for changes made on the day of departure.

The airline will waive the Lufthansa change fee if the passenger changes the ticket schedule for medical emergencies.

In accordance with Lufthansa’s flight change policy, passengers with non-refundable tickets are not allowed to change their flights. If the traveler continues to make changes for the same ticket, the full cost of the ticket will be charged as a Lufthansa change fee.

The traveler is not required to pay the Lufthansa change fee for the flight that was canceled by the airline.

Complete information regarding the flight change on Lufthansa Airlines is given above. On top of that, if anyone is looking for more details on Lufthansa Airlines flight service, they are free to connect with a live agent through their customer service center and receive the required assistance from them.


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