Cl. Co. Legislature adopts 2022 budget


Dec. 26 — PLATTSBURGH – The Clinton County Legislature on Monday passed its 2022 budget, a $ 176.7 million expenditure that is levied within the state’s tax limit.

Total credits increased by about $ 200,000 between the budget proposed by County Administrator Michael Zurlo and the finalized version, which he attributed to Medicare rates for County Employees and others. minor changes.

This did not result in a change to the recommended drawdown of $ 29,755,314, which is a decrease of $ 16,576 from the 2021 drawdown.

The county’s gross tax rate will decrease from 10 cents to $ 5.45 per $ 1,000 of assessed value. The net county tax rates for the respective municipalities range from $ 2.47 to $ 5.50 per $ 1,000 of assessed value.

Zurlo previously pointed out that the 2022 budget restores 10 of the 49 positions that had been cut in the austere 2021 spending plan.

It also standardizes sales tax projections and does not include contributions from the unreserved fund balance, workers’ reserve, retirement reserve, highway “D” fund balance, or highway. reserve for landfills.


The only person who spoke at a public budget hearing on December 15 was Michael Spofford, chief financial officer of the Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System.

He said the funding provided by the county in 2022 will help the system increase its e-book and audiobook selections.

“There has been a great demand since the start of the pandemic for these resources. “

Spofford added that with funding from the Adirondack Foundation, the library system has started offering private tutoring online.


The county’s 18 department heads will receive increases of 2.25% in 2022, similar to the county’s general CSEA unit, Zurlo said.

He confirmed that they also got increases in 2021 which were applied retroactively after the contract was concluded.

Here are the salaries of department heads for 2022:

—Nursing home administrator: $ 114,167

Director of the Veterans Services Agency: $ 51,270

Director of Planning: $ 71,738

Director of the Office of Aging: $ 67,645

Superintendent of Buildings and Land: $ 86,985

Director of Emergency Services: $ 93,768

Chief Information Officer: $ 87,974

Personnel director: $ 102,027

Director of Community Services: $ 104,258

Director of Real Estate Tax Services: $ 74,400

Airport manager: $ 114,167

Social Services Commissioner: $ 115,367

Probation Director II: $ 114,167

County historian (part-time): $ 31,140

County Road Superintendent: $ 94,997

Director of Public Health: $ 98,558

County administrator: $ 130,286

Public defender: $ 147,258


The salaries of most of the county’s elected officials will also increase, including for lawmakers, who have not seen a salary hike since 2015.

Their salaries are expected to increase by $ 5,000, or $ 25,000 for the president and $ 22,500 for the other nine.

Coroner Chad Deans will receive $ 31,018, up from $ 24,018 in 2021, and Registrar John Zurlo will receive $ 75,670, up from $ 69,053.

Sheriff David Favro’s salary will drop from $ 85,502 to $ 91,105, and Treasurer Kimberly Davis’s salary will drop from $ 66,225 to $ 69,205.

District Attorney Andrew Wylie’s salary is expected to remain the same as in 2021, at $ 200,400. His salary is set by the state.

The salaries of the coroner, sheriff and treasurer did not increase in 2021.

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