Complete Guide to Book Singapore Indoor Stadium Concert Tickets


From Korean pop stars to UFC fighters, the Singapore Indoor Stadium has hosted many events over the years. With the Sports Hub built in 2014, the indoor stadium is now part of the entire stadium consortium located in Kallang.

As Singapore further relaxes COVID measures and allows concerts without group size limits, it’s time to unleash the indoor party machine. To assuage that party craving, here’s a guide to booking your favorite concert events and how you and your friends can enjoy the show.

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Sports Hub website hosts Singapore Indoor Stadium events

The Singapore Sports Hub website hosts all event information on its site under the same umbrella. You’ll also see events available at the National Stadium and OCBC Arena.

Source: Singapore Sports Center

From this page, you will be able to see all the events that have been organized at the Sports Hub. Find the event you are interested in and click on the listing for more information.

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Search events by dates, event type, price range and location

Alternatively, you can click on the “calendar” tab and view all concerts, sports and community events with more calendar availability.

Source: Singapore Sports Center

You can now find activities and concerts that have been planned further and have plenty of time to plan your schedule before joining in the festivities. Look up to a year, but that doesn’t mean events happen a year if it hasn’t been planned yet.

Plan a day of family fun or a relaxing evening with your friends at a concert by changing the “event type” filter to suit you best.

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Make sure events aren’t postponed

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizers may have to cancel. Luckily, ticketing operators like SISTIC allow you to either reschedule existing tickets for a new show or request a full refund.

See the seating plan before purchasing your ticket level

Once you have selected the concert of your choice, remember to always check the seating arrangement before purchasing your tickets.

Different shows have different layouts to suit the genre of the event. Make sure the tickets you get for the seats you want are within your budget. For example, the “Guns N Roses” concert has 6 levels while the Westlife concert has 8 levels.

Source: Singapore Sports Center

Source: Singapore Sports Center

Make sure you know what comes with the tickets you want. Some offer extra perks like VIP lounges, free drinks and fan merchandise. Comparing again with the Guns N Roses VS Westlife concert, Guns N Roses tickets come with additional merchandise and benefits while little additional information is provided for Westlife ones besides the seating plan.

You will be transferred to a third-party ticket seller

SISTIC, Ticket Master and Ticketing are the official partners that operate the Sports Hub ticketing services. After clicking on the “Buy a ticket” button, you will be directed to the site of the relevant ticketing partner.

Source: SISTIC

From now on, just follow the on-screen instructions to book your tickets.

Additional information on event details, tickets and admission policy will be provided on the ticket operator’s website.

Information and documents you need to know

The Sports Hub has “Entry requirements» that all participants must respect. For example, items such as laser pointers, glass bottles, and helmets are not permitted. This is to ensure the safety of all spectators and to prevent misconduct by other guests. Other admission rules include no noise generators such as horns or whistles, no LED signs larger than a certain size, and no offensive slogans. Tickets may not be refunded or compensated if you do not meet the entry requirements.

Note that tickets cannot be duplicated if the original you have is damaged. So don’t expect your photocopy version to be accepted.

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