Crunchyroll suspends service in Russia


Some of the biggest news that has swirled around Crunchyroll in recent days has been the effects of the streaming service merging with Funimation under the Sony Entertainment umbrella, but it looks like the anime-centric company has done it again. headlines for a very different reason. As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the streaming service announced that it was suspending its services in Russia with immediate effect, leaving a note on the Russian version of its website to inform subscribers that until Until further notice, Crunchyroll will not be operational.

On Crunchyroll’s official Russian website, the streaming service left the following note regarding the suspension of services:

“Unfortunately, Crunchyroll is forced to suspend its work in Russia. We hope to restore service as soon as possible.”

The streaming anime service took the opportunity to answer some potential questions from subscribers in a “Frequently Asked Questions” section listed below on the official website, including answering the question about the current status of Premium Account subscribers. :

“The Crunchyroll website is currently unavailable in Russia. If you have a Premium subscription and the Crunchyroll mobile app is installed on your device, you can still watch TV shows that have already been released. At the end of the period billing, you will no longer be charged for the subscription.”

Crunchyroll also took the opportunity to reach out to those who had free accounts for the service in Russia and whether or not they could still browse the official site:

“The Crunchyroll website is currently not available in Russia. If you have a Premium subscription and you have the Crunchyroll mobile app on your device, you can still watch TV shows that have already been released.”

Crunchyroll is far from the only company to halt its service in Russia following the conflict in Ukraine, with World Wrestling Entertainment, for example, pulling its shows from the country, popular streaming service Netflix suspending service and countless other companies deciding to suspend the provision of services during the war, including Universal, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros and many others.

Currently, Crunchyroll does not have a specific date for when or if services will be restored in Russia.

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