Davies’ Dark Season of DW’s “Trial Run” Gets a Great Finishing Adaptation



Dark season, Russell T. Davies‘, the very first TV show, gets a new lease of life with Big Finish in the form of audio dramas. Davies said the 1991 sci-fi comedy thriller YA, premiered in 1991, was his “essay” for Doctor Who which he was able to relaunch 14 years later in 2005 after becoming the UK’s most prominent showrunner. Dark season recounted the adventures of three teenagers who are caught up in a plot of brainwashing, kidnappings and a threat to the entire human race, led by the sinister Mr. Eldritch. Yes, the plot is very Doctor Who and also strongly influenced by Buffy the vampire slayer. The high school sarcastic hero trio were played by Victoria lambert like Marcie, 13, Ben chandler like Tom, and Kate winslet, in her first major professional actress role, as Reet.

“Dark Season”, created by “Doctor Who” producer Russell. T. Davies, Big Finish Cover

Now, Lambert returns to Dark Season to narrate a new audiobook adaptation of the series, slated for release in November 2021. The audiobook will be Davies’ original, long and out-of-print novelization of the series, so it would actually be his voice. unfiltered read by Lambert. Davies and Big Finish have also hinted that a new series of sequels may be on the way.

“When I first got the message I thought it was someone taking the mick,” Lambert said. “But it’s surreal, a little bit, because when you sit here and read the lines, they’re almost – in a compartment of my head – that’s the program. I can see every scene. always in the back of your mind. “

“When I wrote my first TV script 30 years ago, I never dreamed of seeing it again all those years later,” said the irrepressible Davies. “Finding her star, Victoria Lambert was an absolute joy. We both agreed that in 1991 it was my test run for Doctor Who!

“And it’s not just about revisiting the past. With Scott Handcock and Big Finish at the helm, I hope that a new and terrifying dark season may be about to fall… “

Producer Scott Faucet added, “Dark Season is one of those series that carved into the imaginations of a generation of kids in the early 90s. It’s full of massive ideas and brilliant characters, not to mention an amazing cast, and we were delighted to find the one and only Marcie Hatter – Victoria Lambert!

“We had so much fun reliving Russell’s novelization of that original TV series in the form of a brand new audiobook, and it’s a perfect introduction to the world… before Big Finish launched into a few dark new seasons. . “

Big Finish tends to reclaim the original cast for their shows where possible. So far, it’s unclear if Kate Winslet will return as punky Reet in the new series of Dark season. The BBC can’t even have it for Doctor Who.

Dark season is now available for pre-order as a limited edition 5-CD box set at £ 22.99 (limited to 1000 copies) or as a digital download from Great finish website at £ 19.99.

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