Deep Space Nine’s Andrew Robinson will narrate Garak’s audiobook adaptation, A Stitch in Time


In a Tweet sent on Friday, July 29, 2022, Sid City, the official fansite of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Alexander Siddig, has shared the news that Andrew J. Robinson will narrate the Simon & Schuster audiobook adaptation of the novel he wrote, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Point in Timeabout the character he was born on DS9Cardassian spy-turned-tailor Elim Garak.

Originally published in 2000, the story takes the form of a letter written by Garak to his close friend, Doctor Julian Bashir, played by Siddig in DS9. The story reveals the long and sordid history of Garak, who was a member of the Obsidian Order before being exiled to Deep Space Nine. It also details the role he played in rebuilding Cardassian society in the aftermath of the Dominion War, a conflict that played a significant role in the story of the long-running series of DS9.


According to a 2019 Interview with, Robinson began writing the novel as a method to better understand the character he played on the show. “I had no idea what [a Cardassian] was,” Robinson explained. “I barely know human beings.”

In order to develop his alien character, Robinson began to write a diary as if written by Garak. He explains that he eventually started reading excerpts from this journal while visiting conventions, which resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response. This response encouraged Robinson to continue developing the writing, eventually turning it into a novel.

A Stitch in Time was a landmark publication for Simon & Schuster

Robinson said that A point in time was something of a landmark publication for Simon & Schuster. “[I]It was a big deal because I was the first actor to write a novel without what they call a ghostwriter, or with someone else writing it for me,” Robinson said. “Because I wanted to write it myself, I didn’t want anyone else to write it.”

The novel has since become a cult classic, and although it is readily available to read via Kindle, hard copies can be difficult to find, with the average price for a used edition hovering around two hundred dollars. . Fortunately, the release of an audiobook adaptation will bring the book to a lot more fans. Best of all, since Robinson will be narrating the novel he wrote, the audiobook release is sure to satisfy the thirst for more Garak that many Trekkies have since felt. DS9 left the air in 1999.


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