Doctor Who Finally Reveals the Origin of One of the Doctor’s Best Lines


Big Finish’s latest Doctor Who audio drama reveals the origin of one of the Doctor’s most iconic lines – “I’m the Doctor. Basically, run.”

Doctor Who finally revealed the origin of one of the Doctor’s most memorable lines. When Russell T. Davies revived Doctor Who in 2005, he chose to pick up the pace, which translated perfectly into key lines of dialogue. When Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor first met Rose Tyler, he introduced himself and then told her to “Run for your life!“From that moment on, becoming the Doctor’s companion was running away.

Nowhere was that better signified than in Matt Smith’s first episode as the Eleventh Doctor, aptly titled “The Eleventh Hour.” After persuading the Atraxi not to destroy Earth, the Doctor actually called them back to berate them. He warned the Atraxi that they were not the first to test Earth and encouraged them to understand why humanity was able to defeat invaders such as the Daleks and Cybermen. They soon began conjuring up images of different incarnations of the Doctor, prompting the time traveler to happily introduce himself. “Hello,“He was beaming.”I am the Doctor. Basically run.It was one of the Doctor’s most memorable and iconic lines, signifying just how spectacular a hero and how fierce a protector the Doctor had transformed over the millennia.


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The latest from Big Finish Doctor Who audio book, Old friends, finally revealed the origin of this lineage. During an adventure on Earth in the early 21st century, the Ninth Doctor encounters a UNIT agent who recognizes him when he sees the Doctor using the sonic screwdriver. Apparently, the Doctor is mentioned in standard UNIT briefing files, and is categorized as “Level 10.“Curious, the Doctor can’t help but ask what exactly this means and is told it can be defined as”Basically run.

Cover of Doctor Who Old Friends

The Doctor clearly liked this idea and incorporated it into his sense of identity. The end of Old friends arranges for the Doctor to meet Rose Tyler, with his former ally Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart telling him he shouldn’t be traveling alone – which means there’s a lot of humor in the fact that he’s speaking constantly running away from then on. Even funnier, however, is the fact that the Eleventh Doctor must have remembered this years later when he faced the Atraxi. The aliens had to access the UNIT recordings to display so many images of the Doctor, meaning the Doctor was summarizing what he assumed they had learned about him in the UNIT files.

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction television series in the world, but in truth it has long embraced the potential of transmedia, with other media tapping into the show’s potential to tell stories featuring past incarnations of the Doctor than currently playing on TV Show. In this case, the story of Christopher Eccleston essentially serves as a prologue to the whole Doctor Who relaunch in 2005. It’s kind of timey-wimey context Doctor Who do the best.

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