Enjoy life near the Arctic Circle


Kolbrún Valbergsdóttir Valby and Einar Ingi Einarsson.

Author Kolbrún Valbergsdóttir Valby and her husband Einar Ingi Einarsson moved to the village of Raufarhöfn in northeast Iceland last year, a decision they are glad they made.

She is a novelist and science fiction/fantasy author, who writes in Icelandic and English, in addition to being an audiobook producer, while he is a geographer. She has a distribution deal with Swedish audiobook streaming subscription service Storytel and stores her audiobooks in the garage.

The couple like to live in Raufarhöfn, 190 inhabitants. It is one of the northernmost villages in Iceland. The Arctic Circle barely touches the coast and the village is known for the Arctic Henge, Iceland’s largest outdoor work of art, inspired by the prehistoric Stonehenge monument in England.

Kolbrún and Einar had long considered moving to the countryside. “The only goal was to move to a quiet place, close to nature, where we would have more time for ourselves and for our projects,” says Kolbrún.


in an interview.

Since she was a child, she dreamed of being a writer. “The goal was always to become a writer, but after graduating from university, I ended up in the technical sector, where I worked for 20 years,” she says. “Ultimately, I could no longer ignore the desire to be creative, and moving up north allowed me to focus on just that.”

“We have a beautiful house in a unique location,” she continues. “We have all the services we need in a small but tight community. The isolation is far less than they expected, as there is little snow in the winter and the roads remain open most days of the year. She describes the residents as hardworking and caring for their neighbours.

What surprised the couple the most were the children of the village.

“There aren’t many of them, but they’re so mature and not afraid to speak up,” she notes. “Last summer I met a young man who had opened his own bakery next to the grocery store to raise money to buy fish and chips from a restaurant here in Raufarhöfn. He just sitting there chatting openly with foreign tourists about the quality of the food and the benefit of having access to fresh fish caught at the port.In such a small community, every individual matters and the children benefit.


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