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Dungeons & Dragons is a constantly expanding game, constantly adding new content for the enjoyment of players, starting with new races, subclasses, items and monsters. As you might expect, the recently released book, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, not only serves as a brand new adventure, but offers new features and customization options for players.

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One of the most notable inclusions in the book is the brand new breed, the Harengon. As a brand new addition to D&D lore, there is a lot to be learned about this fun bunny-like race. So today we’re going to go over everything you need to know about Herring.

What exactly is a Herring?

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The Herring are a breed of rabbits known to be traditionally overflowing with energy, sometimes having trouble staying still. The origins of the Harengons are directly linked to the kingdom of the Feywilds. However, despite this, unlike races like Centaurs and Hexbloods, Harengons are classified as humanoids, not fairies.

Influenced by the Feywild

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As a species with close ties to the Feywild, it should come as no surprise that many Harengons are directly influenced by the Fey kingdom. As the Feywild is a plane of extreme emotions, it would not be uncommon for a Harengon raised within the Feywild to share traits associated with it, such as feeling elated happiness alongside utter despair when it is saddened.

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Harengon will often possess quirks that may be related to their connection to their time in the Feywild, treating chords as soul-binding contracts, as chords and chords within the Feywild are often twisted or related to magic.

They can be found in a variety of settings

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Additionally, while their origins are in the Feywild and can be found there in great abundance, Harengon can in fact be found across the multiverse and in a variety of settings within the material plane. This gives the race great creative flexibility for players and DMs, allowing players to create limitless stories for a Harengon character who doesn’t necessarily need to be logged into the Feywild, while a DM can choose to spawn them with the same frequency that a group can encounter Dragonborn.

They can act consistently at the start of the fight


Mechanically, each Harengon comes with several great abilities that can help them perform well in combat, pairing well with almost any class in the game. One of the most notable characteristics of the breed is Hare-Trigger, which allows have each Haringon add its skill modifier to its initiative rolls.

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This can allow characters to quickly occupy key positions, deal with threats, and cast spells before an enemy can act. When paired with a high Dexterity Ability score and the Alert feat, it’s safe to say that a Harengon will consistently be near the top of the initiative order.

They are great with Dex backups

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Of all the D&D saving throws, dexterity saving throws are easily among the most common. Used from the fireball spell to the breath of many types of dragons, Dexterity saving throws are associated with dodging an attack.

Aside from the aforementioned Hare Trigger, another defining trait of a Herring is its Lucky Footwork ability which allows a Herring to add 1d4 to any Dexterity saving throw it fails, potentially transforming that roll. in success. When paired with a class that is proficient in dexterity saving throws, a Haringon can reliably succeed on dex saves. This is made all the more useful when paired with the Shield Master feat which allows all damage from a successful dexterity check should be avoided rather than half the time the character within reach is wielding a shield.

Great mobility

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The last remarkable mechanical ability of a Herring is its Rabbit Hop. This ability is a one-time bonus action that can be used a limited number of times per day, causing them to jump a distance equal to five times the character’s proficiency bonus. Not only can this allow a Harengon to cover more ground in a single turn without the need to rush, but this ability doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. This allows Rabbit Hop to be used flexibly in a manner similar to a Rogue’s cunning action, functioning as a pseudo-dash and a pseudo-disengage, both as a bonus action!

Flexible capacity scores

DND Tasha Cauldron The Art of Spellcasting

While many races across D&D have predetermined ability score boosts, Harengon uses the flexible and customizable stat allocation that was introduced to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. This means that a Harengon can allow three points in any of his ability scores as long as no more than two points are put in a single statistic. This freedom allows a player creating a Harengon character to optimally allocate their resources where a player wants them, thus allowing Harengon to excel in any class.

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