FlySafair brings WhatsApp flight booking management to its passengers


Being a passenger is much smoother today than in the past, with websites and mobile apps to help us manage our journey. But imagine how much more convenient it would be if passengers could book and manage their flights via WhatsApp. FlySafair is taking digitalization to a whole new level as the airline has launched new features in its business WhatsApp account, allowing passengers to search and check-in directly within the messaging app.

No website needed

To access WhatsApp services, all passengers must message the FlySafair business account at 087-357-0030. A simple “Hello” from the passenger will bring up a menu with several options, including checking the passenger’s reservation, a check-in option, the ability to check flight status, access any other information on the theft or ways to seek help on other matters. For example, reviewing a flight reservation in progress will only require the passenger to select this option and follow the message prompts to view flight details.


FlySafair says the extra features don’t stop there. In the coming weeks, passengers will also be able to add extra baggage to any existing booking and even purchase a dining voucher via WhatsApp. The new features already build on the low-cost carrier’s existing range of WhatsApp services, which include sending boarding passes after check-in via the website as well as direct messaging capabilities with service agents. customer.

Passengers can chat directly with a customer service agent every day from 07:00 to 19:00. Photo: Fly Safair

But if the existing features were already so convenient, why need these new add-ons? According to Kirby Gordon, Director of Marketing at FlySafair, improvements to WhatsApp booking management would be useful for passengers in areas with poor internet connectivity, where the risk of website or mobile app expiration is generally high due to slow speeds. He comments:

“By adding these new services, we are able to offer our passengers more choices for their journey. Where internet access proves less reliable, passengers can bypass the website and app to easily look up their flight details and check-in via WhatsApp, ensuring complete peace of mind before departing. arrive at the airport.”

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How did FlySafair do it?

As a customer-centric airline, FlySafair has been studying technology for a long time to try to improve the customer experience of its passengers. But how did the South African low-cost airline go about everything from sending boarding passes digitally to booking and checking in for flights on a messaging app? Simple, a partnership with CipherWave enabled FlySafair to embrace cloud technology.

With cloud technology containing approximately 50% of the technology and systems in existence today, the low-cost carrier decided to jump on the bandwagon and its customers have been benefiting ever since. However, there were high security and privacy risks, especially since a significant amount of personal data is involved.

WhatsApp’s new features are just a few of the many ways to create an easy and convenient travel experience, from booking to arrival. Photo: Fly Safair

To ensure the security of this cloud information and processes, FlySafair and CipherWave ensure that mitigation measures are implemented and updated. The airline’s infrastructure and security needs are continuously analyzed and improved, and codes are regularly rewritten to ensure the highest levels of security. FlySafair also emphasizes the value of trust, not only when it comes to partnering with CipherWave, but also between the airline and its passengers, as the low-cost carrier prides itself on knowing and developing its technology to that it is also safe and practical for its passengers. as can be.

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