Gaby Natale, Latin American speaker, partners with Microsoft to eliminate the stigma around accents


REDMOND, Wash., September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Best-selling author, speaker and three-time Daytime EMMY winner Gaby Natale has partnered with Microsoft to speak at the company’s groundbreaking “The Beauty of Different Accents” session.

“As a speaker, author and journalist, I am very committed to raising awareness about Accentism -the perception that some accents are inferior to others. Even to this day, I meet people who mistakenly assume that I am uneducated just because English happens to be my second language. So when Microsoft reached out to join forces to remove the stigma around accents, I was thrilled to discuss this important issue. Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages… and accents!”, explains Natale, president of AGANARmedia.

“The Beauty of Different Accents” will discuss the role of accents as a fundamental part of identity and heritage, the importance of embracing and celebrating multicultural backgrounds, and Gaby’s own journey as a speaker and author breaking barriers as the first Latina to be published by the Leadership division of HarperCollins and telling her own audiobook as a foreign-born author with a different accent.

As part of the conversation, Gaby Natale will share her journey and what made her successful as an immigrant from Argentina and now journalist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and three-time Emmy-winning motivational speaker United States. Select members in attendance will receive copies of his bestselling book The virtuous circle .

Natale’s past collaborations as a motivational speaker include P&G, Dell, PepsiCo, Facebook (Meta), JPMorgan Chase, New York Life, and Century21, among others.

About Gaby Natale and Aganarmedia

Gaby Natale believes in breaking down barriers. And she embodies what she preaches.

As the first Latina to win 3 consecutive Daytime EMMYs (as a host and executive producer of her own show), the first Hispanic author to be published by HarperCollins’ Leadership division and one of the few American-born writers stranger to narrating their audiobook in English, Gaby has had her own share of being “the first like her” in leadership spaces.

A sought-after thought leader and motivational speaker, Gaby has shared her inspirational message at Fortune 50 companies, the United Nations and at her own TEDx talk encouraging underrepresented minorities to pioneer and be what they can’t ( yet) see in the world.

Natale is one of the few women in the entertainment industry who not only owns the rights to her content, but also owns a television studio. This unique situation allowed him to combine his passion for the media and his entrepreneurial spirit.

People magazine named Natale one of the “25 Most Powerful Latinas” of 2018, highlighting the inspiring story of how she went from a local TV show that started in a carpet warehouse to becoming the only Latina in U.S. history to win the daytime EMMY triple-hit. His popularity grew even further when his first book, “The Virtuous Circle” by HarperCollins, became an instant best-seller, topping Amazon’s New Releases charts in 3 different categories (Business, Inspiration, and Self-Help) .

Natale is also the founder of AGANARmedia, a Hispanic-focused marketing company that serves Fortune 500 companies such as Hilton Worldwide, Sprint, AT&T, eBay, Intuit and Amazon. In the digital world, she has a thriving fan base with over 52 million views on YouTube and over 250,000 social media followers.

In 2019, Natale launched Welcome All Beauty, her own line of hairpieces and extensions dedicated to women who need to be ready to shoot on the go.

A tireless advocate for gender and diversity issues, Natale frequently collaborates with non-profit organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and latin vote.

Natale has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Buzzfeed, NBC News, Univision, and Latino Leaders magazine. She is the recipient of NALIP’s Digital Trailblazer Award and a GLAAD Media Award nomination for her portrayal of Latino LGBTQ youth in media.

Natale holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of San Andres and Colombia University. Before starting her television career, Natale taught communication and journalism courses at the University of Texas.



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