Garth Marenghi’s ‘Long Lost’ Novel ‘Terrortome’ Released This Fall


Darkplace by Garth Marenghi Fans may be dreaming of a second season of the cult series, but they’ll probably be happy to hear that its titular creator is releasing a new book. Anthology in three parts Terrortome by Garth Marenghi comes out this fall. The self-proclaimed “author, dream-weaver, visionary (plus actor)” behind page-turning coolers like slicer, Consequences, Jugglers, slasher and RIPPER. hasn’t released a novel in ages (ever?) and here’s the publisher’s description:

When horror writer Nick Steen is sucked into a cursed typewriter by the terrifying Type-Face, Dark Lord of the Prolix, the hellish visions in his head are unleashed for real. Forced to wrestle with his escaping imagination – now escaping from his own brain – Nick must defend the town of Stalkford from his own fictional horrors, including avascular necrosis-obsessed serial killer Nelson Strain and the dreaded Nick’s throppleganger, the Dark Third.

Can he and Roz, his oft-mistaken editor-in-chief, track down these embodied denizens of Nick’s unleashed imagination before they destroy Stalkford, outside Stalkford, and perhaps beyond?

From the twisted genius of horror master Garth Marenghi – Frighternerman, Darkscribe, Doomsage (plus Man-Shee) – come three dark tales from his long-lost multi-volume epic: TerrorTome.

Can a brain leak?
(Yes he can)

As the cover suggests, “curl up with this book…and die” when Terrotome is published on November 10 via UK publisher Hodder & Stoughton. It will be available in hardback, e-book and, most excitingly, audiobook (with reading in Marenghi). Pre-order yours and watch an introduction from Marenghi himself via alter ego Matthew Holness below.

If you’re unfamiliar with this master of the macabre, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is broadcast via Amazon Prime. Watch the excerpts below.


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