Gojek passengers with dogs refuse to cancel ride, driver tells them to book correct service


Driver asks Gojek passengers with 2 dogs to cancel ride on March 6, row ensues

Traveling with pets, especially larger ones, requires a higher level of care as not all modes of transportation are viable options.

When hailing a cab, it’s best to look for pet-friendly options for a smooth trip.

On Sunday (March 6), 2 men booked a Gojek ride to Tanglin Road. When the driver arrived he realized they had 2 dogs.

The driver was allergic to fur and demanded that they cancel the ride, but the passengers refused as they would incur a penalty charge.

An argument then ensued, and a video of it was shared on the Facebook group SG Road Vigilante.

Many netizens said that even though both parties were at fault, the passengers could have been more considerate of the driver.

Gojek passengers refuse to cancel trip to avoid incurring penalty

At around 8 p.m. on Sunday March 6, Gojek’s driver went to 365 Tanglin Road to pick up the passengers.

When he arrived, he found that the 2 men also had 2 dogs.


According to SG Road Vigilante, the driver asked that they cancel the ride because he was allergic to fur.

However, the passengers refused, saying they would incur a $4 cancellation fee if they did.

It was then that the driver began to record a video as he confronted the passengers.

In the video, he accused them of booking a normal Gojek ride even though they had dogs and refused to cancel the trip.

Calmly, one of the passengers said he sent a message to the driver informing him of the pets. The driver curtly replied that he was driving and had not seen him.


The passenger added that he had already “done his part” and would not pay the $4 cancellation fee. But the driver said he was paying to book the wrong service.

Argument from driver records

As the driver told passengers they were inconveniencing his job, one of the men apologized but insisted he would not cancel the ride.

He noted that he had done this several times using Gojek and ComfortDelGro services.

The driver cut him off, saying Comfort DelGro is a taxi with different guidelines.

He then threatened to upload the video, and the passenger told him to continue, adding that he was “ridiculous” and “unreasonable”.

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The driver asked them to stop taking advantage of drivers when the fare was “already so low”. He added that passengers could have opted for GrabPet services instead.

The video then ended with a photo showing the driver not collecting any money after the incident.

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They were said to have been stationary for about 20 minutes while the driver tried to contact Gojek customer service.

Netizens say passengers can be more considerate

Looking at the argument between the 2 parties, this netizen said that Gojek allows pets and passengers can let the driver know.


However, many shared the view that the driver was trying to make a living and passengers should be more considerate about it.


Another netizen acknowledged that the driver was responsible for not seeing the passenger’s message about pets. But passengers could have avoided the hassle altogether by booking the right pet taxi services in the first place.

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Gojek does not have an option for runners with pets

Gojek’s website says they currently don’t have a separate option for passengers with pets. But passengers can let drivers know about it via the in-app chat.


Passengers with pets can take ComfortDelGro taxis or Grab’s GrabPet service.

However, please note that dogs in Comfort DelGro taxis must be caged or muzzled, with the exception of guide dogs.

In response to MS News‘, Gojek said they could not verify the incident and could not release any information due to their privacy policy.

Opt for pet taxi services instead of normal rides

Traveling with pets is always tricky, especially when you don’t have a vehicle of your own. However, it is important to be mindful of others, as some private drivers might find it difficult to accept furkids on board.

It’s always safer to book a 100% pet-friendly option to avoid getting into a heated situation.

Despite the argument, we hope that the driver and passenger can find a way out of each other’s hair in the end.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Facebook.


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