Halloween scares begin in new Scottish audiobook


October is here, with ghosts and scares in store at the end of the month with Halloween, but the chills are already mounting with a spooky new story.

A brand new audiobook based on the BBC’s spooky ’70s TV drama The Omega Factor has been released.

The Omega Factor was a 1979 television series created by Scotsman Jack Gerson, starring James Hazeldine as Tom Crane and Louise Jameson as Dr Anne Reynolds. Set in Edinburgh and directed by BBC Scotland, it ran for 10 episodes, and has been described by TV activist Mary Whitehouse as “completely evil”.

The Omega Factor was a forerunner for The X Files, examining the end of scientific knowledge – and beyond. This is the mandate of Department Seven, a secret government unit created to explore the paranormal. But can such supernatural powers ever be controlled?

The new audiobook, Immaculate Possessions, is written by Natasha Gerson of Glasgow, daughter of original TV series creator Jack, and is read by Louise Jameson, who played Dr Anne Reynolds both on TV and in audio .

The Omega Factor was relaunched as an audio series in 2015 by Big Finish Productions, which produces adventures based on TV shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Space: 1999.

Natasha Gerson (Photo: Big Finish)

Producer Xanna Eve Chown said: “Natasha has such a great feeling for the characters of Tom and Anne, it’s like she knows them personally – which she did in a way, when she was working. on the series!

“It’s so interesting to see Department 7 in Paris, and there is a beautiful dreamlike quality to the story – although it certainly is a nightmarish dream in this case! “

Natasha, who appeared on the TV series as the mysterious Morag, said: “I was so excited when Xanna made contact – it happened at exactly the right time. We had just gone into lockdown and like all of us, I was wondering what I would do during this time because we didn’t know how long this was going to last.

“It’s such an important part of my life. Recently friends put other works of my dad on DVD and remember them and watched them, but Omega was his favorite.

Xanna said, ‘You know these characters so well,’ and this time I could do whatever I liked. It had nothing to do with audios – it was just any time during the period when the characters worked for Department 7. ‘

The new audiobook is set not only in Scotland, but in France. When Tom Crane and Anne Reynolds are sent to aid the mysterious Parisian branch of Department Seven with their investigations, they have no idea how quickly they will be drawn into the unfolding horror. Something dark and rotten is hiding under the beauty of the Jardin des Plantes and two young girls are already dead …

Louise Jameson (Photo: Big Finish)

Narrator Louise Jameson said, “I always love a trip back to The Omega Factor, and this story is no exception, beautifully crafted with twists and turns. If you like all things the occult, if you are a fan of horror and suspense, if you have a vague knowledge of Edinburgh and Paris, then this one is for you.

Natasha added: “I love Paris – I first went to work there for a week, 30 years ago, and I have friends in Paris. They are very interesting people, and one of the ‘them is in the book, barely disguised. I had actually written a little scary movie before, which was set in Les Jardins des Plantes, which is very close to my friend’s apartment, and it was a bit unfinished, so when Xanna asked me to write the book, this story was actually the basis for it, starting from Edinburgh, going to Paris, then back to Edinburgh, it was really a lot of fun.

“Les Jardins des Plantes is a beautiful place, but there are sinister places inside. The character of the short story is changed slightly now and the main characters are from the original series.

“They have a bit of a romance, they still have it, it took ages to get anything done, so it was kinda nice to follow the romance in that area, as well as having demons, ghosts and crimes too!

‘I found new characters, who were mine, who were born out of my father’s story and original! It was a lot of fun and I desperately can’t wait to hear Lou read it, because it will be great, as usual – especially since there are some French accents in there! ‘

The Omega Factor: Immaculate Possessions is now available as a digital download for £ 9.99, exclusively on the Big Finish website.


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