Here’s what Hobby Center officials want you to know about Houston’s highly anticipated performance


HOUSTON – Memorial Hermann Broadway at the Hobby Center issued a warning to “Hamilton” ticket buyers on Tuesday about upcoming performances in Houston.

“Tickets for this ‘Hamilton’ engagement are now on sale, but many third-party sellers are advertising tickets they don’t actually have, at greatly inflated prices,” a press release read. “The Hobby Center encourages customers to exercise due diligence and adopt safe ticket purchasing practices.”

“Hamilton” will perform in a four-week engagement at the Hobby Center from February 20 to March 22, 2022.

Tickets are on sale at Where, and They are the ONLY official and authorized primary sellers of “Hamilton” tickets, the Hermann Broadway Memorial said at the Hobby Center.

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“If you see tickets for hundreds or thousands of dollars, you are probably buying from a third-party ticket broker and there is no guarantee that these tickets are genuine,” the statement continued. “Although it is legal to resell tickets in Texas, tickets purchased from other sources may be more expensive, invalid, speculative, or ineligible for support. The Hobby Center encourages customers to thoroughly evaluate the source before purchasing a ticket. Beware of buying from secondary sites and third-party sellers, which include fake Facebook event pages.

To ensure that online tickets for “Hamilton” are valid and that the price paid is the nominal price, purchases should be made through,, Where If in doubt about where to purchase tickets, check the official Hobby Center website for more information at It is always safer to buy from the source.

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Safe Ticket Buying Tips for “Hamilton” in Houston:

· To buy tickets, go to the official website at,, Where

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· Avoid unofficial venue/ticket/show sites with ticketing links. Don’t be fooled by secondary sites that imply an affiliation with the Hobby Center using venue photos, seating plans and images or information about upcoming shows.

Note that the official Hobby Center website is where you can find current and accurate information.

· Check that the show/date/place offered to you is well scheduled.

Consult the venue’s official seating plan at to be sure that the seats actually exist.

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· If you hear that a show is sold out, check with the venue first to confirm that this is the case.

· You shouldn’t pay more than face value, but resale is legal. Do some research to see if you are paying too much.

· If you see an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are plenty of fake sites.

· If you are buying tickets, do not post photos online, as it is possible to copy a photo for resale.

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