Hillsborough Libraries hits one million cases of e-books

Hillsborough County Libraries has reached over one million digital checkouts so far this year.

By Deven King

Libraries allow the community to view books, magazines, and more at no cost, but trying to remember to return books on time has always been a problem for the library and the community. Over the years, however, e-books have become extremely popular when it comes to reading. In response to this, local libraries have set up e-books that people can borrow.

Hillsborough County Libraries has begun providing community access to eBooks and audiobooks. With e-books, libraries no longer have to worry about late, damaged or lost books. Since 2019, eBook payments have steadily increased and payments are now at an all-time high. From 2020 to present, there has been an 8% increase in checkouts. Each week, approximately 44,200 e-books and audiobooks are borrowed from libraries.

Checking out audiobooks and eBooks is a simple process that only requires a library card. With these digital books, they are automatically returned, so people don’t have to remember to return their books on time. Ebooks and audiobooks have a return day, but it’s the same 21 days as regular books and they can be renewed.

The community can borrow books from Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative apps such as hoopla, Libby, myON, TumbleBookLibrary, and Axis 360. To purchase an eBook from these sites, only an active library account is required. necessary. The number of boxes allowed differs for each library site, ranging from 10 to 30 books.

The five most downloaded eBooks of 2022 include The last thing he said to me by Laura Dave, apples never fall by Liane Moriarty, The people we meet on vacation by Emily Henry and The dark hours by Michael Connelly, All New York Times #1 Bestseller.

Over 1,053,805 e-books, e-audio books and digital magazines were checked out in 2022. The library had a goal of one million e-book cases, which the community has already completed, but the libraries are encouraging everyone to try to reach two million cases by the end of the year.

For more information on eBooks or to create a library account, visit https://hcplc.org/ or call 813-273-3652.


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