How to listen to the audiobook “Sleeping Beauty” by Phoebe Dynevor


Just in time for the holiday season, Stephen Fry is set to tell a magical new edition of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty for Audible. With the help of Bridgertonit’s Phoebe Dynevor, Doctor Whoby Rochenda Sandall, and 1917‘s Adam Hugill, the story will come to life like never before.

Written by playwright Marty Ross, the audiobook also comes with an original soundtrack performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Based on the original score from Tchaikovsky’s play, the score will be performed under the actors as they play out the eternal and timeless story Ross has appropriated for himself.

The Sleeping Beauty in the story is very passive, “said director Tamsin Collison in a behind-the-scenes featurette for Audidble, adding,” Marty opted for a much more self-reliant, intelligent and energetic heroine who had a life plan before he did. is abruptly interrupted. “

And this heroine, Aurora, is voiced by none other than Phoebe Dynevor. “As an actor, you are so used to working on every element of a character, from its characteristics, its movements, its features, its expressions”, Bridgerton the star said, via RadioTimes. “Just having your voice to convey every movement to the listener has been a brilliant learning experience,” she continued, “a welcome challenge and I really enjoyed working with the team on this project – especially after growing up with the story of The Sleeping Beauty. “

Stephen Fry will tell the story alongside Aurora’s father King Lothar, Rochenda Sandall will play Aurora’s mother, and Adam Hugill will play the lumberjack’s son – and Aurora’s true love – Peter.

New The Sleeping Beauty audiobook is available to listen now exclusively on Audible, just like other new interpretations of classic stories As A Christmas Carol narrated by Hugh Grant, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland narrated by Jodie Comer, and Peter Pan told by Rupert Everett.

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