How to Use Spotify Audiobooks


Want to take podcasts to the next level and listen to books on Spotify? Now you can.

This week, Spotify launched Spotify Audiobooks to all US users. The new feature lets you buy audiobooks and listen to them on Spotify, consolidating all your listening needs into one platform.

Each audiobook is priced individually. To buy an audiobook on Spotify, you will be redirected to the web browser and then back to the app. If you want to explore the titles, just go to the Audiobooks section of Spotify. You can find it under “Browse All” on the “Search” page. There you will see all Spotify recommended audiobooks.

You can also search for titles the same way you would search for an album or podcast. If you haven’t purchased an audiobook yet, a padlock will appear next to the play button, letting you know that you need to purchase the book before you can listen.

If you want to unlock all these new features on Spotify, just follow this guide.

How to buy an audiobook on Spotify:

1. Select the title you want to buy

2. Tap the green play arrow

Press the play button.
Credit: Screenshot: Spotify

3. Select “Receive email”

Screenshot of the get email step of the process.

Tap “Receive email”.
Credit: Screenshot: Spotify

4. Open your email

You will receive an email from Spotify with the link to purchase the audiobook.

5. Select “Buy Audiobook”

The email you receive from Spotify to purchase an audiobook.

Tap “Buy Audiobook”.
Credit: Screenshot: Spotify

6. Select “Buy”

Next, you’ll enter your payment method and complete your purchase. Once you’ve completed your purchase, the audiobook will be unlocked in your Spotify library and you can dive right into it.

Good listening !


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