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About a year ago, comic book writer James Tynion IV was on a long drive back to New York from a friend’s upstate engagement when he received an email from French artist Elsa Charretier asking him if he would be interested in writing the screenplay for a short film she and her longtime partner Pierrick Colinet were directing.

The reaction of Tynion, the best-selling creator who has several comics in the works like something kills children and department of truth as well as a Substack comics newsletter, was an almost immediate no. “I’m working on a million things, I don’t have time for him,” Tynion thought.

“The moment I got back to town, I had an idea in my head and I was like, ‘Yeah, I want to do this,'” Tynion recalled in a Zoom chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

A year later, Tynion wrote his very first screenplay and the project, titled Room servicehits Kickstarter on Wednesday to fund what would be a 16-minute short film directed by Colinet, a comic book creator who worked on star wars comics as well as titles such as super monsters and is called PK. Carter, who is currently making waves with the metatextual version of romantic comics, Everlasting loveand hosts a comic-focused YouTube channel, drew the storyboards.

“All three of us have a strong independent streak,” Tynion said. “We like to finance our own books. We like to work outside of the more corporate comic book publishing system to bring our projects to the world. And we like to experiment and try new things. So it’s something we can build together, outside of the system, so we can really put our own spin on it and show what we can do when we’re completely free.

Gruesomely, of course.

Bedroom Service is the story of an unlucky man who immersed himself in the dark underworld of the ultra-rich. He embraces what the system can offer him, but at a huge cost to himself.

Colinet had a few conversations with Tynion before this latest write-up but didn’t elaborate on story details or even the genre (although with Tynion you know it’s going to be on the scary, unsettling, and visceral side). “We just talked about theme, feelings, anxieties, mood. And some movies that we really liked,” Colinet said. “And when I got the script, I was blown away. It was so suitable for me.

The project aims to find a place among titles such as Get out, Parasite and The invisible Manhorror movies with an undercurrent of social commentary.

Carter took on the project not just to help Colinet, who she used to star in home movies the couple would make when they were preteens, but to flex a different artistic muscle.

“As a comic book artist, my job is to find the fewest moments you can fit into a panel to tell a story,” Carter said. “You have to cut as much as possible and allow readers to fill in those blanks. But when you’re scripting a movie, it’s very different. You think about movement, camera movement and blocking. I didn’t know how to do this at first. »

Filming will begin if the project is funded and the story is designed in such a way that it can be scaled up or down depending on the funding.

Skull digger artist Tonči Zonjić, who worked as a concept artist on star wars, designed the mask for the mysterious character known only as Caretaker.

This being Kickstarter, there are rewards for those who contribute, including an artbook that will document the creation of the film; a poster by artist Martin Simmonds (Tynion’s collaborator on The Department of Truth); a Kickstarter-exclusive poster by Carter; a self-contained prose short story by Tynion, set in the world of film and featuring Carter’s spot-on illustrations. There will also be prints from five star comic book creators, including Rafael Albuquerque (american vampire), Cliff Chiang (paper girls), Francesco Francavilla (night of the ghoul), Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts) and Carter.

The project can be supported starting tomorrow, with the pre-launch landing page already up and running. The goal is to shoot next year and complete the film by September 2023.

Of course, the short may just be the beginning as the three creators have bigger plans for Service.

“This project will serve as a proof of concept for a feature film,” Colinet admitted.

Tynion revealed, “The first one is very stripped down and gets to the heart of this one. But then the basic idea, if we expand on it, will allow us to tap into bigger mysteries and bigger scares.

Then he added: “Let’s just see where the first leg of this journey takes us.”

Below is a poster for the short film:

room service poster

Courtesy of P Colinet


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