Jorge Asís analyzed the internal conflict in Together for Change for 2023: “The cultural goal of being the boss”


Although there is a long year left before the presidential election from 2023, it would be pointless to deny that in the political arenas they are already “blurring” their electoral system. You are not exempt Together for change and the journalist and political analyst George Assisi This was shown by the analysis of internal conflict in the main opposition coalition, which has ” cultural objective from be the boss”.

In his latest article in Jorge Asís Digital, the former Argentine ambassador to Portugal discussed the dilemmas of – from lowest to highest – Cristian Ritondo, Diego Santilli, Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. All of them are linked to being members of PRO, a party founded by Mauricio Macri and, in the case of the leader of the group and the head of the government of Buenos Aires, who seek to present themselves as candidates for the presidency, without excluding internal between them.

“The third radical government has wasted its four years and aspires to govern again in 2023,” Assisi predicted, referring to Macri’s administration between 2015 and 2019. This oppositional intent is attributed, in part, to the “waste of the government of La Doctor (which is chaired by Alberto Fernández), pointed out the journalist, clearly alluding to Vice President Cristina Kirchner. Thus in Together for Change “appears the conflicting question of leadership; the cultural goal of being a boss,” assessed the former diplomat.

Who would run for president

According to Asís, for the Presidency there are “three candidates”, two of them “declared” and a third who “still plays at home, receives them and still hopes to improve his role in history”. The analyst speaks of Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich and Macri respectively. However, he warned that the mayor of the city of Buenos Aires would be the “natural candidate, the one preferred by the establishment”.

Meanwhile, Bullrich has “media power” with him that “emerges as a primary attribute and concurrent vulnerability.” “Frequently, he sets sail”, analyzes Assisi. Meanwhile, “unscathed as a great celebrity, El Ángel (Macri) receives them in Cumelén or Martínez”. “But because El Ángel is too well known, he comes up against the discreet reluctance of the establishment: because of bookbinding, repentance or disenchantment, many are the businessmen who see with displeasure the petulance of seeking the ‘ second half,'” he said.

Vidal, dismissed?

Meanwhile, the current national deputy and former governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, Asís has practically dismissed her, considering her to be “the penultimate victim” of an “extermination” of proper names in the alliance. “Due to the accumulation of setbacks, María Eugenia is not at Horacio’s preferential level. Or – to a lesser extent – at Patricia’s”. But she did not give up, since she – like her said so – “she intends to come back”.

Those who yearn for the province of Buenos Aires

Finally, Asís mentioned the candidates from the province of Buenos Aires. “Here they rake Cristian Ritondo, El Potro and Diego Santilli, El Bermellón. Two original Peronists who were political partners and very successful in life. They both say they want to be governors. They must embrace the cultural goal of becoming real bosses. Challenge pending,” the analyst pointed out.

In this sense, the former diplomat indicated that “now they have to build a project around this. And behold the stealthily calculated moves of Jorge Boga Macri, El Primo (who was) Poor. The three (Ritondo, Santilli and El Primo) strike with both legs. They rake the unviable province, but with one foot in the Autonomous Artifice”, since the three have an impact not only in the Province, but in the City.

However, a “possible radical coup” can be presented by national senator Martín Lousteau. “Together with Emiliano Yacobitti, the Caudillo Calvo, they plan to snatch Horacio’s sweets, chocolates and cigarettes. And start shipping them,” Asís warned, while ruling out any possible concern about the possible intention of the mayor of Tres Febrero, Diego Valenzuela, to compete with them.


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