Kevin Smith explains how Neil Gaiman’s Sandman inspired the clerks


Neil Gaiman’s Fantastic Sandman Stories were an inspiration to Kevin Smith when directing his groundbreaking film Clerks, but not as you might think.

Before he was a creative force himself and before he knew filmmaking would be a substantial career, Kevin Smith was an avid comic book reader who drew inspiration from the most avant-garde and provocative material, in especially the work of Neil Gaiman such as Good omens and the revolutionary Vertigo series Sand seller.

It was so much that these stories influenced his debut film, the era-defining low-budget indie cult classic. Clerk. There aren’t two things further apart in terms of genre, theme, and formula than this movie and a problem with Gaiman’s spooky character, so it’s a confusing inspiration on paper.

It’s all just a dream

But Smith explained how Dream of The Endless sparked its creative fire as a young aspiring artist when he addressed New York Comic-Con during a panel covered by RBC. “I think I always associate reading Sandman with some point in my life in my early to mid-twenties before I do anything, before I do art myself,” he said. -he declares.

“And you know, it’s wonderful to consume, anyone can consume Sandman and find rewarding topics, things that are up close and personal and so on,” he added. “Not only is it fun to read and enjoyable, but it also fuels your passions, your fire. “

Comfort food

Smith went on to explain that Gaiman’s books had “supported” him throughout his nearly three-decade career. A lot of supernatural and dreamlike tales have crept into his films as if by osmosis because, as Smith said, when you read Gaiman’s imagination unfolding, “your imagination can’t help but unfold too. “.

His imagination never ceases to unfold in new film projects, but above all new episodes in the View Askew universe. Kevin Smith is currently working on Clerk 3 which doesn’t have a set release date, but Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson are on board, who play the famous Dante and Randal, as well as Rosario Dawson and Trevor Fehrman.

Neil Gaiman and the envelope pusher Sand seller the comics basically invented DC’s Vertigo imprint. Ownership is being adapted by Netflix following Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Good omens and all 75 issues in the series are available as audiobooks via Audible. Kevin Smith, unsurprisingly, contributes to this rendering as the voice of Merv Pumpkinhead.

Let us know if you’ve been surprised at Smith’s dedication to Sand seller and Neil Gaiman by evoking his Muse, at the Dogma, down.


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