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You can still buy audiobooks from Amazon, Audible, Google, and other retailers, but why not borrow from your local library instead? Using Libby, Hoopla, SimplyE, and cloudLibrary, you can find audiobooks and download them to your PC or mobile device.

Before you can borrow audiobooks, you’ll need an account with your public or university library. You need a physical library card if you plan to visit the library. However, if you only want to borrow eBooks and audiobooks online, some libraries offer a virtual library card instead.

Your library will provide you with login information so you can log into your online account and borrow audiobooks. This will include an identifier in the form of a card number and a password. In some cases, you may need a barcode to scan in an app, which must be printed on the library card.

If you’re not sure how the registration process works or want to know what services you can use, contact your library or check their website.

Borrow with Libby

With Libby, you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks. Books can be borrowed by Libby’s website(Opens in a new window)but you can turn to iOS(Opens in a new window), android(Opens in a new window), the Windows(Opens in a new window)Where Kindle Fire(Opens in a new window) app so you can download and listen from any device. Your local library’s website may show links to download the app if the service is supported.

Enter card number and PIN

The first time you launch the app on your device, you will be asked to add a library. Type in the name, city, or zip code of your library system and select the location you want to use. Faucet Login with my card, then enter your card number and password. You can then rename your map if you wish.

Choose a category

After setting up your account and logging in, tap Next and you are redirected to the main screen. Here you can browse books by subject and theme or view specific titles chosen and recommended by librarians. Select a specific category, such as Newest, Popular, Random, or Available Now to see related books. Press the Topics button to display different genres.

Select size

Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom to search for books by title, author, subject, and other criteria. You can narrow the search results to show only audiobooks if you tap RefineSo choose Format > Audiobooks. Select an audiobook to view a summary, read an excerpt, or tag the book for future reference.

Reserve the book by pressing the To borrow button. If you want to be notified when the loan is due, tap Manage Notifications. Otherwise, select Not now. If the book is not yet available, press Put on hold to put a hold on it. You can then choose to be alerted when the book is available.

Borrow an audiobook

Faucet Open audiobook to start listening to the book. The Libby app features an audio player through which you can play, pause, skip forward, rewind, or scan the timeline to a specific location. The book will be accessible from any device that has the Libby app installed and you are logged into your account.

Listen to the book

For example, you can download the book on your iPad and then go on to listen to it on your iPhone. You can also choose to sync the book to pick up where you left off on a previous device.

Return the book

To return the book before the loan expires, tap the library icon at the bottom, then select the Manage the loan link of the audiobook you wish to return. Faucet Early returnthen Come back to return it to the library.

Borrow with Hoopla

Select a library

With Hoopla, you can borrow e-books, movies, TV shows, music, comics, and audiobooks. The app supports iOS(Opens in a new window), Android and Chrome OS(Opens in a new window)and Amazon tablets(Opens in a new window)while the Houpla website(Opens in a new window) also lets you borrow and download content. To view audiobooks and other articles, you must first create an account.

Configure username and password

This is separate from the account you must open with your library. You will be asked to enter a library name, city, state, or zip code to find the nearest libraries based on your location. Select a library to continue, then log in with your library card number and password. You can then configure a username and password for Hoopla.

Search books

To limit your search to audiobooks in the Hoopla app, tap the Books icon at the bottom, then select the icon Audiobooks tab at the top. Press the Look for icon at the bottom to search for audiobooks by title, subject or author.

Search books

You can also select the Filtered icon, then choose Format > Audiobooks to view audiobooks only. Tap the name of any audiobook you’re interested in to see a summary and other options.

To borrow a book

You can hang the title if you press the To borrow button, then touch To borrow again to confirm your action. Titles are automatically returned after a certain date.

Listen to an audiobook

Press the To play button to start reading the book. On the player screen, you can play, pause, forward, rewind, browse the timeline to a specific location, choose a chapter, and even set up a sleep timer to turn off the narration at a certain point. number of minutes. You can then listen to the book on the Hoopla website or from any device with the app.

Return the book

You can return a book manually if you press the My Houpla select the book in your library, then select the icon Come back link.


Select a library

SimplyE is another app that lets you borrow audiobooks from supported libraries. Launch it iOS(Opens in a new window) Where android(Opens in a new window) app and choose a library. You should then be prompted to enter your library’s user ID or barcode and password. Once this information is entered, you can log in to the application.

See audiobooks

Press the Catalog at the bottom to view books available to borrow, then tap the Audiobooks tab at the top of the screen to limit the selection to audiobooks only. To search for a specific book, press the Look for at the top of the screen and enter a subject, title, or author.

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To borrow a book

Tap the name of an audiobook you’re interested in to see more details. If a book is currently unavailable, you can press the Reserve button to put the title on hold. Otherwise, you can press Obtain to check any available button.

Listen to the book

Once the audiobook is downloaded to your device, tap the Listen button to start playing. On the player screen, you can play, pause, skip forward, rewind, select a specific chapter, activate a sleep timer, and even change the playback speed. You can also listen to the book on any device with the SimplyE app.

Return the book

To return an audiobook after reading it, select the My Books icon at the bottom of the screen. Press the Come back button for the book you want to return, then tap Come back again to confirm your action.


Select country, state and library

CloudLibrary lets you borrow audiobooks from your local library and listen from the iOS(Opens in a new window), android(Opens in a new window)Where amazon fire(Opens in a new window) application. You can also download the books(Opens in a new window) for use on e-readers. In the app of your choice, choose your language, region, and library, then tap Next and accept the license agreement.

Browse Books

Enter your library card ID and password, then press the Login button. The main screen shows the books available in your library with trending ebooks and audiobooks at the top of the list. To browse books by title, author, or subject, tap Look for.

search cloud library

You can view featured books or tap the icon All to see all available books by category or genre. Press the Filtered icon in the top right and select Audiobooks to refine your search, then touch to safeguard.

browse audiobooks

Tap the name of a book to view more information about it. Titles will be marked with Hold or Borrow, depending on their availability.

Search for audiobooks

You can type Play sample to hear an excerpt from the book. If the book is not yet available, press the Hold button to reserve it. Select save for later to add it to a queue. If the title can be borrowed, tap To borrow to grab it. Faucet Listen to start reading the book.

To borrow a book

On the player screen, you can play, pause, skip or forward, rewind, jump to individual chapters, change playback speed, and set a sleep timer. You can also listen to the book on any device with the cloudLibrary app.

Listen to the book

To return a book, press the My books icon at the bottom. Press the Come back specific book button, then touch OKAY to confirm the return.

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