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Charles Crane/DND Luke Farroh is a sound engineer who provides full music recording, mixing and mastering services at Voxogos Recording Studio in Minot.

Going amateur in the fields of video and music production has never been easier with the technology available today. But for those in a country overflown, it can be difficult to find professional resources and expertise.

Minot resident Luke Farroh decided to fill that gap in his hometown when he started his own music production studio right here in the Magic City, which he calls Voxogos.

The Minot native first studied film at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, moving into audio recording and engineering upon graduation. After spending time working on documentaries and sound design, he found himself moving into music production.

Farroh returned to Minot five years ago, starting a creative agency called ThruFriday before the lure of music called him. Operating from a studio office in their home in Minot, Voxogos offers a full service experience throughout the music recording, mixing and mastering process, providing an accessible entry point for anyone seek ways to achieve their musical and artistic goals.

“I think it’s a more welcoming environment. People can come into my house, we close the door, set up the mic and start recording. farro said “I’m very patient and forgiving about what we can do here. As long as I simplify the recording process because it’s very technical with a lot of things involved. If I do this right and just focus on that, it will amplify what the client and the client and the artists want to do.

Whether you’re looking to create a track for a demo, record an audiobook, podcast, or even an entire album, Farroh’s goal is to help its customers achieve their dreams.

“It’s really all about them.” Farroh said, “I just want to amplify that.”

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