Meet Matt Bomer’s Husband Simon Halls and Their 3 Step Sons, Including Twins


Matt Bomer was one of the few actors who got the chance to start his career early and achieve huge success. He also witnesses a true love: his relationship with Simon Halls and their three beautiful children. Meet them.

Matt Bomer’s father was a successful sports player who worked with the Dallas Cowboys. His son was also good at football, but also took a liking to comedy from an early age.

Bomer’s childhood was full of love, surrounded by a practicing family and a certain normalcy, including his attraction to the opposite sex, as he had girlfriends.

He was not aware of any health crisis like the AIDS pandemic because he led a somewhat protected life; he was also unaware of his true sexuality until he immersed himself in “The Normal Heart” by Larry Kramer.

After reading the book, a text focused on the struggles of two gay lovers (an activist and a New York Times-style reporter), the injustice against the men who loved each other and their seemingly inconsequential deaths, on which everyone closed their eyes, a new man was born.

Bomer familiarized himself with the struggles of homophobic men but also familiarized himself with the profession of actor. At 17, he left his school football team to play at the Alley Theater.

The determined teenager then left his hometown of Texas to pursue an acting career. Yet first he studied at the famous Carnegie Mellon Theater in Pittsburgh, after which he began filling out his resume.

As Bomer acquired a new set of classic acting skills, he also reinvented himself, accepted his sexuality, and was proud to be associated as a man who cared about men.

His friends accepted him and became part of his movement to be widely accepted. Likewise, his family, but according to the actor, it took longer for his religious family to choose love over faith. Yet they accepted his choices.

He has appeared in television series and other on-screen productions including “Guiding Light”, “True Calling, Chuck”, “Traveler”, “White Collar” and he starred in “The Normal Heart” by Ryan Murphy based on the book.

As his fame grew, many have looked into his personal life and background, and rumors that he is gay have circulated. In 2010, Bomer addressed it in an interview; he maintained that the news did not bother him.

By this time, he was already in a fairytale romance with Simon Halls, and they shared three adorable boys. He was also increasingly vocal about marriage equality and actively lobbied for AIDS advocacy.

That same year, when the gossip mills announced Bomer’s sexuality and he didn’t flinch, it appeared he was already married to the love of his life.

Their wedding was an intimate affair held in New York City and is described as a very cold event by the actor, which sprang from the big day.

He revealed it was a happy experience, exchanging wishes in front of an audience that supports and loves them unconditionally, which is good for their family.


The man after the actor’s heart is Simon Halls. They have been together for a few years and form a very private duo.

Halls is also successful in his own rights. He is an influential publicist and manages media campaigns for Neil Patrick Harris and Jude Law.

Despite his knowledge of the media and entertainment world, he stays away from his partner’s business and does not represent Bomer.

The actor explained that although he seeks advice from his smart partner, they limit the amount of work discussed in their home as they prefer to focus on events that directly concern their children and family.


Bomer and Halls both enjoy their parenthood. They have an older son and two twins, and the trio were born to a surrogate mother.

In 2008, Halls said parenting was fun and that many people, including parents from her first son’s school, were receptive when they noticed the couple would add twins to the family through motherhood. substitution.

A few years later, Bomer explained that he would advocate for his children to have a normal childhood, similar to his, despite their origins.

The father-of-three added that he is thrilled to be born in a time like this, when the world is more willing to accept people regardless of their background, sexuality or gender.

He is also grateful to be a father because since his ascendant parenthood he has been able to restructure his schedule and lifestyle.

Now, rather than worrying more often about work or what the media is projecting, he cares about giving his children optimal attention and fulfilling his fatherly duties, which means spending time with him. the boys.

Some of these moments are documented and shared online. While this doesn’t happen very often, it does prove that despite the commitment to stay under the radar, Bomer doesn’t care. share his happiness with the world.


Even in their attempt to hide very important details about their marriage, Bomer is very proud and speaks confidently about it through a happy family life in public.

In 2012, during one of his activist movements, at an AIDS Project event in Palm Springs, he expressed a heart of gratitude to his “in-laws” and mentioned his partner and their three children, Kit, Walker and Henry.

At the event, Halls was extremely happy that her husband enjoyed their family, and that made him proud to be associated with Bomer.

Luckily, Halls has nothing to fear as her lover is aware of making their marriage work and keeping it forever. The “The Normal Heart” alum explained that he learned the concept of their successful union from his grandparents.

Bomer was curious about the source of their joy, so he urged his grandparents to reveal the secret of their happy marriage, and they revealed it was a matter of taking it one day at a time.

This has been the main formula of his bonding love with Halls. They also prioritize the happiness and safety of their families, making them a couple worth emulating.


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