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The Duchess of Sussex was featured on the Brightly Storytime YouTube channel for a special read of her children’s book “The Bench” on Wednesday. Brightly is owned by Meghan and Harry’s publisher Penguin Random House and aims to help parents encourage kids to watch videos on YouTube.

Appearing in a sunny garden, Meghan wore a particular accessory that pays homage to Prince Harry’s mother – Lady Diana.

The watch she chose to wear was a Cartier Tank Française that adorned the wrist of the Princess of Wales.

Designed by Louis Cartier in 1916, it has been in fashion ever since and is still considered one of the most sought-after watches in the world.

Sarah Buck, spokesperson for H&T, told “This iconic watch, previously owned by Princess Diana, is the 18k yellow gold version and, due to the age of the watch , is probably a mechanical movement.

“This watch sells for around £ 20,000 now, but when purchased around 1995 (possibly from Garrards the Crown Jeweler) it would have cost between £ 3,000 and £ 4,000.

“However, with Princess Diana coming from and now Meghan Markle, it could be worth £ 250,000 to £ 300,000.”

Incidentally, it is the second most expensive watch owned by the royal family.

The first remains the one worn by Queen Elizabeth at her coronation in 1953, valued at £ 3 million and embellished with 110 diamonds.

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Meghan has also been seen wearing rings linked to the People’s Princess.

Her 2017 engagement ring contains two diamonds from Diana’s personal jewelry collection.

She also wore her late mother-in-law’s aquamarine ring as she walked to her wedding reception in 2018.

“In 2018 the ring was valued at £ 75,000, however, if this piece were to be auctioned today, and with such an unconventional history, I think this piece would fetch over £ 100,000,” said Alexandra Michell, gemologist. at Prestige Pawnbrokers of Posh Pawn of Channel Four at


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