My City – The pleasure of reading


Reading is a phenomenal experience, whether you are diving for the very first time in a brand new book or diving back over and over into your old favorite books. Whether it’s the course book that teaches you lessons and chapters or the books, fictional or not, that give you a bittersweet experience that always leads you on the path to success by making you realize life’s lessons. As many avid writers and readers have beautified their words, books happen to be a gentle form of magic, a safe place you can escape to, a place you can’t find anywhere else. It is also not inappropriate to say that books are the only real magic.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. It is something that you can always admire. Get carried away into your own imperfectly perfect world or discover the truths and hidden aspects of this perfectly imperfect world. Make you learn the values ​​yourself or you command the law of nature and the compelling force that draws you into this world. Reading always takes you on a journey of the imagination that awakens all your senses. You are always a book away from a good mood. I get lost in the novels but I look for myself there, a place where I fit in perfectly and the imaginations that lead to it.

We read books and underline the lines that speak to us; we turn to poetry and learn the verses that become us. We’re all desperate people chasing a long, endless run, following everyone who crosses our path, making every path of every influencer despite not knowing where they will take us. We know what to do and what to say, but the most important thing is that we don’t have the know-how. We always hold on to something and instill it; in ourselves. That’s what the books do. The immense pleasure that floods your soul. This is what books are always meant to be. Discovering the truth of the world, finding the truth of ourselves, the real us that we are, that we don’t even know exists. This is the meaning of reading. Mark Manson once quoted: “Living in the world is like wandering the big library without touching any of the books. Reading is the only way we slip, involuntarily; often powerless, in the skin of another, the voice of another and the soul of another.

The real pleasure of reading comes to us when we receive a book that forces us to rush into our morning rituals, just so we can get back to those sweet pages. A book that begins with a small calm tide but which carries us along when we are about to give up. A book that makes our sorrows with the understanding that we realize. The one who destroys you and rebuilds you into someone we’ve always dreamed of. A book that keeps us awake until we see the world we were looking for, this is exactly the place we were looking to build.

Reading is everything. Reading makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, learned something, and become a better version of myself. Reading makes me smarter. Reading gives me something to talk about later. Reading is the healthy way to meditate for my attention deficit disorder. Reading is an escape; also the opposite of escape; where I feel so tied to someone else’s imagination after a long, hectic day. Reading provides spiritual, intellectual and serious pleasure. Reading is pure happiness.

Anjita Lamichhane is a grade 12 student at Southwestern State College in Kathmandu.


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