New AI-powered VoiceOver tool AiTranslate reduces translation and dubbing costs for all languages


The innovative new technology will help companies reduce production costs by up to 80% with translations and dubbing created at a faster rate than before.

WILMINGTON, DE, October 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –, a voice over technology from Wise Tech Holding Inc. in the United States, presents its highly anticipated artificial intelligence powered video voice over system to provide dubbing / voice over solutions for all languages ​​of the world .

This new multilingual dubbing system will meet entertainment and media companies, content producers and even training companies with all of their localization needs. Interested users can check out the voiceover tool and see how it works here at

This technology comes as there is a rapid increase in demand for voiceover and dubbing. Audio localization is an essential ingredient for global growth and content cannot blend locally without it. In addition, dubbing allows much faster access to information and makes it more convenient than reading subtitles.

“Our aim has been to find a way to bridge the communication gap between languages ​​and to make it evolve effectively,” said a spokesperson for “We are very pleased with the progress we have made in the research and development of our solution, which now provides natural voice-overs for all languages. “

Created by producers for producers. was founded by Thai Tran Ngoc, the former CEO of Voiz FM, Vietnam’s largest audiobook platform using AI.

He realized that there was a lack of decent voiceover technology on the market and that the existing options required too much manual labor or offered poor robotic sound quality. In 2018, Thai and a team of AI engineers set out to develop an alternative solution. After a series of trial and error, AiTranslate was finally born.

This new technology offers solid core functionality not found in other voice over companies or products. It includes precise translations and voice recognition that automatically adjust translation and dubbing speed to match the video timeline.

Moreover, all of this is done while keeping the background music or effects such as audience voices in the video. Not to mention that the voiceovers in AiTranslate are more natural than other products on the market. By using AITranslate, users can quickly produce high quality localized content while reducing high production and publishing costs.

In addition, is also the first company to offer voice over services in online meetings. The company has a voice over application for online meetings where the tool offers real-time interpretation and automatic captions during the call. Interested users can try the tool for free within the first 25 minutes and it will only charge $ 5 every 25 minutes thereafter.

“Thank God, after a long period of effort, we were able to bring to market a product presenting technological difficulties for the world market”
Ngoc Thai Tran – CEO of Wise Tech Holding Inc.

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CONTACT: Name: Ngoc Thai Tran Organization: Ai Translate (Wise Tech Holding Inc) Address: Wise Tech Holding Inc of 2055 LIMESTONE RD STE 200-C, WILMINGTON, DE 19808, United States Phone: +18626588299


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