New Audio-Launched Culture Ignited Book Reveals How Businesses Can Turn Crisis into Opportunity


Culture Ignited audiobook cover

Culture Change Strategist and Author Jason Richmond

Culture Change Strategist and Author Jason Richmond

Jason Richmond’s second book builds on COVID-19 experience and provides valuable advice for business leaders on how to strengthen workplace culture

Embrace and experience these disciplines and you will forge a company culture that is not only resilient, but also thrives in times of crisis. “

– Jason Richmond

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, USA, November 9, 2021 / – Ideal results today announced the release of the audio version of Culture Ignited: 5 disciplines for adaptive leadership by Jason Richmond, President, CEO and Director of Corporate Culture.

Culture Ignited, a sequel to Richmond’s previous book Culture Spark: 5 steps to stimulate and support organizational growth, provides business leaders with valuable advice on how to maintain – and even strengthen – the corporate culture during and after a crisis.

Writing in the context of COVID-19, Richmond presents a step-by-step roadmap for dealing with turbulence and unforeseen crises in the workplace. Drawing on his own experiences, those of other notable thought leaders and business leaders, as well as authoritative surveys, studies and academic papers, Richmond details five main disciplines: “Inspiring and Communicating a Purpose Common ”,“ Building Trust and Authenticity ”,“ Refine Your Performance Management Skills ”,“ Develop Your Capabilities and Develop Your Talent ”and“ Create Belonging Through Diversity and Inclusion ”.

Richmond said, “Embrace and live these disciplines and you will forge a corporate culture that is not only resilient, but also thrives in times of crisis. Understanding and applying these disciplines will give you the confidence to handle any threat to your business and set you apart from the competition.

Culture Ignited audiobook narrated by Michael Beck and Marie M. Williams

Richmond is a much-requested speaker, widely recognized as a recognized authority on helping businesses generate strong and sustained revenue growth by empowering their employees and developing energizing office cultures. During his career he has helped organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Culture Ignited is Richmond’s second book.

Culture Ignited is available for purchase on Amazon. The audiobook costs $ 18.35. The paperback costs $ 16.95 and the eBook $ 9.95.


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