New Lord of the Rings audiobook features incredible performances by Andy Serkis



A new full-length audiobook version of the legendary fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings is coming, and it’s read by none other than Andy Serkis.

Having recently worked with HarperCollins on The Hobbit, Serkis – who played Gollum in the Peter Jackson film series – returns for The Lord of the Rings. The audiobook is slated for release in September and will be released in three parts: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. You can watch a trailer for the book below, which shows Serkis reading several lines from Gollum and proving that he has absolutely not lost his skill at playing the character.

“I would consider myself someone who loves a challenge … To come back to Middle-earth more than 20 years after my first life-changing adventure there, and relive it (this time for several weeks alone in a cabin). of her) brought equal measures of sheer joy, sheer madness, immense pleasure, and a level of psychological and physical fatigue that I have never experienced like before, ”Serkis said of his work on the book (via AustraliaSeller).

He added: “I actually felt like I lived through Tolkien’s saga and felt his deep understanding and connection with nature, love, war, truth, hate and the world. altruism. Each day I have experienced ups and downs, often coinciding with the progress of the ring wearer and his companions. “

In 2020, Serkis participated in a Hobbit Marathon Reading, sitting for 12 hours to read the book and raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts. After that, he teamed up with HarperCollins for an official version of The Hobbit audiobook.

In other Lord of the Rings news, Daedalic Entertainment has just released new footage from its The Lord of the Rings: Gollum video game, revealing new character photos of Gandalf, Mouth of Sauron and Thranduil.

Additionally, Warner Bros. is speeding up a new animated film The Lord of the Rings, while Amazon has responded to reports about the stunts on its Lord of the Rings TV show.



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