Nicola MacCameron will give a presentation at the Okotoks Library


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Author and voice of several novels, Nicola MacCameron is delighted to give a presentation at the Okotoks Library on May 3 at 6:30 p.m.

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MacCameron has narrated 30 books in three years and is the head of audiobook production for Siretona Creative. She is the author of the Leoshine series and over 80 pieces of flash fiction on Medium. She has written books for adults and children.

A practical guide for listeners, his talk will give audiobook enthusiasts insight into his storytelling studio, auditioning, profile building, manuscript tagging, recording equipment, editing for mouth clicks and final submission.

MacCameron has a unique unidentifiable accent. She was born in South Africa and has lived on three continents. She describes her accent as mid-Atlantic.

“It’s unusual and it makes my storytelling unusual, but I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve been successful in the industry,” she said.

When MacCameron was younger, she read novels aloud to her younger siblings and practiced different voices for different characters in the story. This gave her the experience, when later the audiobook industry exploded and she decided to try to make it officially. Audiobooks have grown tremendously every year for the past nine years.

“One day I was driving my kids and their friends to school and they found a CD in the back and asked to play it. It was an audiobook and everyone was hooked on it, wanting it. listen on every car trip,” she said.

MacCameron says after that she started reading novels into her dictation machine and playing them through car audio as she drove those kids around for the next two years. Then she got the idea that maybe she could make some money with it and bought more equipment.

She has now narrated over 30 books and is now responsible for producing audiobooks for Siretona Creative.

MacCameron says she will talk about how she learned to do different accents and practice different voices for different characters at Okotoks Library. She will also review all the equipment she uses and more.

She wants those in High River who are interested to know they are welcome. Registration is mandatory. You can register for the event at


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