Nightwing and Batgirl’s Romance Is Fun, But They’re Already Married


The race of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo night wing challenged Dick Grayson’s status quo in many ways, with the most drastic change being the formation of a romantic relationship between the first Boy Wonder and his longtime teammate Barbara Gordon, the first Batgirl. After years of not acting on their feelings for each other, Dick’s efforts to free Blüdhaven from Blockbuster’s grasp gave the two a chance to overcome the doubts that kept them apart and embrace the possibility of a future together.

Although Dick and Barbara mutually agreed to take their new relationship one day at a time, the two have technically been a married couple ever since. Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last Stories from the DC Universe “We Fight for Love” from No. 1 (by Cecil Castellucci, Mirka Andolfo, Andrew Dalhouse and Saida Temofonte). While the spontaneous union isn’t even remotely binding, the ease with which Dick and Barbara accepted it offers a glimpse of where their decision to commit to a relationship might ultimately lead them.

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Nightwing and Batgirl Wed During the DC Universe’s Darkest Hour

Romance has always been a touchy subject for members of the Bat Family. While some have managed to strike a healthy balance between their love lives and crime-fighting careers, most have followed in Batman’s footsteps by putting duty before happiness. Although Dick and Barbara have never made a secret of the fact that they’ve always felt a mutual attraction to each other, they’ve previously allowed their insecurities to keep them from moving their relationship beyond a relationship. seemingly endless cycle of false starts and quick ends. More often than not, they justified their decision by arguing that the Bat Family’s mission came first.

This trend continued until Dark Nights: Death Metal The latest stories from the DC Universe #1, where Dick and Barbara found themselves unable to admit their feelings for each other even as the DC Universe was about to be taken apart by Batman Who Laughs. In a rare human moment, Batman told his two oldest proteges that what they had together was special and that they shouldn’t waste what could be their last hours arguing, unceremoniously declaring them husbands. and wife on site. While the two were initially stunned by their sudden “marriage”, they were quick to express their satisfaction with the arrangement and vowed to stay alive long enough to see each other again.

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Nightwing and Batgirl have always been better together

The idea that Dick and Barbara might one day get married has been floated many times over the past few decades. Several alternate realities showed the two getting married and going on to live long and happy lives together, and they were briefly engaged in the main DC Universe. With Dick’s optimism and impulsiveness offsetting Barbara’s more cynical and fastidious nature, the two share a strong chemistry that gives their romance a depth that few other comic book couples have. On top of that, their deep understanding of what motivates each other complements their long-standing partnership.

While it’s unclear whether Dick and Barbara have forgotten about their “marriage” or decided to ignore it, their mutual willingness to accept their impromptu union shows that neither of them is opposed to a future together. Although Dick is ready to break up with Barbara after Blockbuster finds out his secret identity, she laughs off his worries, convincing him to accept that danger will always be a part of their lives but that they shouldn’t let it get in the way of them. be happy. Whatever the future holds for them, Dick and Barbara’s willingness to give their love a chance is a bold step in that direction.


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