NMSU jewelry sale returns for the 39th year


The 39e New Mexico State University’s annual Jewelery and Jewelery Sale for Metallurgy Students was held on November 1 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the lobby of the NMSU Follett Bookstore. All proceeds from this sale will support the NMSU Jewelry and Goldsmith Program.

This year’s 12 hour sale consisted of handmade jewelry created by students of the NMSU Metals Club as well as alumni. Profits will be used to purchase new equipment, tools and fund projects and student activities in the NMSU Jewelery and Goldsmith Program.

Isabel Solorza, a third-year studio art student, explained that students at the NMSU Metals Club had been working on their jewelry for several months.

“Seeing people come here and support us, even if it’s just not buying anything but just walking around, it’s really fantastic to see that. So this sale allowed us not only to clear ourselves of the case, but also to return some of this money to us, ”Solorza explained.

Third-year studio art student Tashie Nevarez said it was her first jewelry sale and she has been preparing her artwork for a few months.

“We have to have a concept or have our concept approved, and then we start with the binding and everything, we start with our prototypes. So it takes a while because what you see here was definitely not what we had at the beginning, so there is a bunch of stuff like working and reworking until you get it right ”, a explained Nevarez.

The sale also helps metallurgy and jewelry students practice creating professional works of art for sale, Nevarez said.

“It helps set the tone for such a professional, when you become a ‘professional professional’ and you’re out of school, then it kind of helps build and know what people like and what people don’t like, ”Nevarez explained.

Solorza specializes in metallurgy and enjoys making jewelry, as well as multimedia and performance art. Solorza said her jewelry is inspired by her life.

“His [specific pieces] those who are inspired by religious and Gothic architecture because I myself am very religious. So I find that I incorporate a lot of that into my artwork because that’s what matters to me, ”Solorza explained of her jewelry.

Nevarez explained that she mostly creates painted and digital artwork, so the transition to 3D artwork was a bit difficult.

“I thought I could combine what I can do, it’s like bookbinding and stuff like that, and make a sketchbook and make it like a portable thing [jewelry] I would be interested in that and I have a feeling that other people would be interested, ”said Nevarez.

Solorza explained that the money from this event will give the jewelry and goldsmith program students more freedom when creating new works of art, as art supplies are expensive.

“Art supplies are very expensive and it’s amazing that with this event, the funds that we raise, we can use them to, I guess, fund our passion so that we can keep doing what we love, and that’s what we love to do, make our art, express it, share it with people, ”Solorza said.

The 40e New Mexico State University’s annual jewelry and jewelry sale for metalworking students will return next year.


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