Northern British Columbia gets a new artistic way of expressing the impact of the disease


Darian Goldin Stahl, 2021 Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at UNBC, has started a project for residents of northern and interior British Columbia who are struggling with illness or disability to communicate their experiences.

The project, titled “Embodied Books: Tying Sickness, Art and Learning Together”, will help participants create artist books through workshops so that Stahl can then take them on and teach medical students about it. experience of medicine through the eyes of a patient.

“The art that can be incorporated into this medium goes far beyond a typical book, from creating collages to printing art or paintings and much more,” said Stahl.

“The format of an artist’s book really lends itself to storytelling that can incorporate not only text or images, but also sensory aspects such as touch and smell. It can become that incredible archive of experiences kept in a mobile book form. “

Stahl holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in printmaking and a doctorate. in human sciences.

“There can often be over-reliance on officially published accounts and I am interested in portraying patients whose stories are left out, perhaps because they cannot provide a coherent description of their experiences,” said Stahl said.

“Artists’ books offer everyone the opportunity to tell their story, in a way that does not rely on words, but on other means of sensory communication,” she added.

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program awards 70 scholarships of $ 70,000 per year for two years and is designed to attract top researchers.

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